Monday, December 31, 2012

You're the kindest, 2012!

2012, for me, is a year of opportunities, challenges, chances, new things, and hope.

I wanna freeze 2012, only because it has been so good to me. I don't want to forget about this year.  Well, I don't think I ever can. ;)  But at the same time, since 2012 has been very pro-Aileen, I also can't help but look forward to what's in store in the future.  I pray with all my might that 2013 will be as kind to us as 2012 has been. :)

My year in review:

JANUARY - Hmm... I don't remember much!  Haha!  All I know is that I was so busy with my thesis at this time.  Also, it was January that I decided to resign from Xavier and venture into something else. It was not the easiest decision to make, but I think it was just really meant.  'cause everything else will follow through as you will see in the coming months.

FEBRUARY - Thesis pa rin.  I was also job hunting at this time.  I think DLSU has already accepted me at this point in time.  Thank you for taking me in, La Salle!

MARCH - I defended my thesis and submitted it!  M.A. done!  YEAAAAH!  This also marked the last days in Xavier - the place I sincerely loved where I met students I've loved so much and friends I keep to this day.  It was bittersweet.

But because of these, I have spent the most stress-free of all my summers!! Haha!

APRIL - I got accepted to teach in ADMU at this time- I was just really the most blessed person in the world. Now, I was not so scared financially to have just a part-time job - 'cause I have two!  DLSU and ADMU, no less.  UP na lang kulang, hehe.  Now, as if these blessings aren't enough yet, my thesis adviser, my brilliant prof extraordinaire, upon learning that I'll be teaching in ADMU, asked me to lead a research project of which I was previously a research assistant.  This meant A LOT to me.  You see, my professor gives this intimidating aura, not that she tries to e, but that's just how amazingly good she is!  And I've always thought that I was just 'another' student to her.  Good thing and thank God she was quite happy with my work ethics during my thesis work.  So I have three part-time jobs now!

I also went on beach trip with my two high school friends.  Save for that stupid jellyfish allergies which required me to wear long sleeves for the next hot summer month, that trip was AWESOME!

MAY - I started teaching in DLSU!  The students are nice, the bosses are nice, the people around are nice, Manila drivers aren't.  The worst.  Manila traffic sucked the energy out of me. Each time I drive! Waaah, please help me! (I don't know who I'm asking help from, haha!)

JUNE - I started teaching in ADMU!  I was living the dream!  Having been used to a strict 8 - 5 job, I was immensely enjoying the flexible and light hours of my new job.  The only downside was the checking of papers, and dealing with the not-so-ideal students.  Nonetheless, I was having a ball of a time!!

JULY - What happened in July?  Haha!

AUGUST - August was sooo romantic, geekily at least.  Haha!  I was able to attend, for the first time, the PAP Conference in Cebu (also my first time to fly locally!).  Seeing myself on the same floor (literal ha) with my undergrad professors, ah, it was surreal!  Not only that, I also presented a paper.  I felt so legit!  Haha!  But wait, there's more.  One of the items on my bucket list has been achieved - to become a published writer. :)  Well, it may not be the dream exactly, 'cause it was a research paper that was published!  Haha! I should have been more specific on that dream, haha.

SEPTEMBER - DLSU Term 1 ends!  It was sooo fast!  Haha!  I enjoy the independence of teaching in college - that's just really how I like it. :)  And with this independence came some free time to craft!  I asked a dear friend in the States to ship home the crafting machine I bought.  My life has never been the same again.  Haha!  I LOOOOOOVE IT!

OCTOBER - ADMU Sem 1 ends!  It was fun getting to know 'teenagers' once again, more especially when they're smart and obedient.  Haha!  It's hard to part with college students, too, you know.  Especially since I'm really used to being attached with my younger students then.  But oh well, life goes on. :)

I also started selling some stuff I made from my crafting machine.  Very timely for Christmas, I was thankful that the machine has already paid for itself.  Well, almost. :)  Hehe!

NOVEMBER - I turned 28!  Wow, that was quick. So many first's happened at this month.  All I can say is that it has been a WONDERFUL month!  And with all the crazy traffic and rush December brings, November may just steal the spot for my most favorite month of the year!  Haha!

DECEMBER - December got me so busy - my work, my little crafting business, my crazy thoughts.  Haha!  You see, this is the first time I'm blogging this month!  So lazy of me.  The Christmas break has made me so lazy.  But it has also made me sooo happy. Haha!  Ang sarap lang mag-nap ng buong hapon.  Haha!

Wait, I don't think my monthly summary supported the opening statement of this entry. Haha!  I may have lost all the drama while typing, haha.  Bottom line,  I'm just really happy - with what's going on with my life, with my family, with my friends' lives.  The only thing I'm not happy about is how poor we are in terms of discipline!  Really, that's my greatest problem (money's next, haha!) - I love my job, I love my status, I love my friends - my stresses just come from my regular, day-to-day living.  Praying HARD for the Philippines and the Filipinos to improve!  Fine, that's my single, ultimate wish for 2013.  Sana magkatotoo!

Happy New Year, everybody!!!!

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Handmade Postcard Swap

I am so addicted to crafting right now.  And yes, I want to quit my day job just to make stuff from papers!

Yesterday was so productive, crafting-wise.  I was able to finish my handmade postcard hosted by April.  I'm so prompt!  Haha! To think that I was even hesitant to sign up at first because I'm afraid I wouldn't have time.  Crafting has definitely changed my priorities, haha!

So, here's mine:

 My theme was flowers and pink, mainly because I'm a lover of both!  And all my supplies cater to that theme, hehe.

I used a white cardstock for the base, adhered a pink patterned paper (I like that the colors aren't solid - what's the term for that?!), embossed a white cardstock, inked the embossed part, added baker's twine, then stamped!  Oh, I also inked the edges of the papers.  And chomped the corners - my favorite thing to do.  Hehe!

And here's how the back looks like!
I love how I was able to use my seldom-almost-never used stamps for this.  Luckily, I have this "air mail" stamp, so appropriate!  Not to forget, I used my new (and only) wood-mounted rubber stamp that says "hand stamped by:"  I love it!

Hope the recipient will love this as I had a wonderful time making it.  And looking at it!  Haha, parang anak lang!

Oh, just a sentiment, I wish I could take pictures better!  That's the next on my to-do list.  I swear, my postcard looks so much better in person!!  Haha!

I also made another card - this will be my sample card for the make and take portion of the crafting fair we'll be at on Saturday.
The theme is Christmas! :) This is an easel card (it stands up!) and I used abaca twine and kraft paper (to coordinate with the abaca) for the sentiments. :) Very easy to make, hope the audience will like this card as well. :)

I love weekends!  I wanna craft I wanna craft I wanna craft!!

Monday, October 08, 2012

Shameless Plug: The Present Project

I wasn't supposed to blog today.  I'm quite busy with work and hobby, and I have nothing in mind to write.

But!  I saw that the last couple of my posts were dated on the 9th of the month, and I thought today is the 9th (until a few seconds ago!).  So just to keep up with what I thought was an incidental "tradition", I'd like to invite you to visit our Facebook webpage

My crafting friends and I got together and decided to sell some homemade and handmade stuff- a good way to use our hobbies to finally get some return on investments.  Hehe!

We will be joining a craft fair in November and this page is to jump start the whole selling affair. :)  We're now accepting orders for your early Christmas shopping!

Thank you! :)

Sunday, September 09, 2012

Goodbye, Sweet Thing :(

I have to say goodbye to my everyday wrist watch.  Well, to its strap, at least.  But it's not as easy as one would think!  I love watches and I loved this watch.  It was one souvenir, even if I was on a tight budget at that time, I told myself not to forget to buy.  It has a pink strap (yey) and it was on sale, too (double yey).  Maybe that's the reason why it retired too soon.  :(

Now I'm using my mom's watch.  And because I was the one who bought it for her, I like it, too.

But this watch...

Even if this is no longer pretty, this will always be that watch I got from New York.

Thursday, August 09, 2012

I Blame the Rain

I am one with all the Filipinos who are praying fervently for the rain to stop. Who knew the clouds have THIS much water?

We don't live in a village or a subdivision. Actually, where we live has a notorious status. Let's just say I am not proud and happy that we live here.  But, it's times like this, just like when we had Ondoy, that I feel so blessed that our place doesn't get flooded (when I see exclusive subdivisions turn into rivers). Maybe it's not so bad to be here, after all. :)

Just like any other person working in the academe (falses consensus?!), I was one of those who wishes that school will be suspended (especially if there's no need to catch up on a lesson).  BUT! I am always careful with what I wish for -- class suspension with NO rain. And that happens quite often - as soon as they announce classes are suspended, rain stops.  Uncanny timing, I tell you. 

Still, I feel guilty :(. While my family and I are enjoying the comfort and safety of our own homes, a lot of people are wet, cold, hungry, and uncertain.  Wish I could go out today and help out  but my dad said I should wait a while, 'cause what if I were the one who gets stranded? He has a point. 

So, I am here, surfing the internet all day.  I can do some of my work in advance, but  the mood is just so wrong.  So I think of the thing that I like to think about the most - crafting. :)

I know it's unfair that I wallow in some sort of self-pity, more especially at this time of calamity, just because I can't afford to buy all those crafting tools that I want (yes, it took great courage on my part to admit that it's not a need!).  But this feeling has been lingering in me for a while now.  I just can't help but blame this relentless and inconsiderate rain for stirring up the lonely mood, for giving me extra time (to check eBay every so often and to drool over some crafting stuff!), and for inducing guilt in me.  For all the damages and casualties you are causing, I just gotta hate you.  

Yes, I know.  I've got to stop.  I'll be back another day to rant some more.  I hope the skies will be clearer tomorrow so I could finally go out and help. For now, I hope my prayers will do.  

Be safe, everyone. 

Sunday, July 22, 2012

When 9gag Comes to Life!

Though I'm still adjusting with my current work, I've already found joy and satisfaction in most of the things I do.  I admit, many times I miss the comfort and routine of my old job, and the company of friends and my cute, little students (especially when your big students aren't the politest people you'll ever meet), but I have found my happy place.  Thank God.  And this drawing!

Laughing heartily, tears were flowing from my eyes when I was reading this!  When the class/exam ended, my student (the author and artist!) actually told me that he has a note for me.  I thought it was a letter of apology for not studying harder, since he's been complaining the whole test time.  Little did I know that I'll experience 9gag come to life after a couple of hours!

Thank you for this huge strand of laughter on a rainy day, you! :p

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Hey, Psych Prof?

A student called me just that literally five minutes ago.  So... I'm basking in!  Hehe!

Here I am typing this blog from the library in Ateneo.  And it feels kind of different that I'm here not because I have something to study or there's a requirement to finish.  Uh-huh, uh-huh!  I have crossed the other side, baby!

People (and by people, I mean the two people who read my blog.  Haha! :p), I have resigned from my work as a grade school teacher and am now teaching in the collegiate level.  Why?  'cause I'm a poser like that! Haha!

I'm having a great time, so far!  Ateneo feels kind of more special now that I'm already a teacher here compared to when I was student.  I could think of a psychological explanation for that, but I am too lazy right now.

I actually also teach in La Salle, yeah, the rival school.  Why?  'cause I'm also impartial like that.  Hehe!  Truth be told, I just need money.  Hehe!

I don't want to be too sentimental about this career shift that I did because I have other stuff to think about.  But when I try to concentrate and take it all in, I feel so blessed that another dream has come true.  Back in 2002, I was a college freshman and thought of semi-wanting to be like my professors.  But since I had other plans in mind (pre-school teacher was one), plus the fact that I didn't know a lot back then (not that I'm saying that I know A LOT now, alright?!) and didn't deem myself worthy, that professor-plan took a back seat.

Until I was almost done with my Master's.  HEY!  I am through with my MA!  Would you believe that?!  This blog formed a life with all my rants and angst about grad school!  Haha!  Wow, I can't believe I haven't made an official announcement about that!  Not that it matters AT ALL, but still! :p

So anyway, here I am now.  Not that I ever doubted it, but God must really love me. :)  I'm still adjusting with EVERYTHING (Adjustment #1: the drive to Manila is insane, you gotta hate it), but happily learning all that I can from this dream-like experience.  And enjoying all those remarks about how I still look like a student!  Hahaha!

That's it - I'm ending this blog entry with that vain thought so it will linger on you (and you'll be disgusted, haha!)!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Let's Make Greeting Cards!

I am in disbelief that I'm writing this blog post!  Haha!  

This summer, I responded to a crafting website design team call. It's not a secret that I'm not too confident with my artistic skills, so to be chosen as one of the design team members is one of my most unexpected 'awards' in my life!!  Haha!  

Yeah, you read it right.  I MADE IT!!

So now, I'm officially inviting the few people who know this blog address (haha!) to come on over to this wonderful card-making website and make greeting cards with us!  It's gonna be so, so much fun! :D  See you there!

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Last Leg: South Cali :)

After that Vegas trip, we went back to my friend's home and tried to see as much as we can of South California.  My friend took a leave from work so she could tour me around.  So after attending her class in the morning, she drives for me so I could see the place and our other college friend who lives about an hour away from here.  We also drove to Macy's and a couple of other stores for more pasalubong-shopping.  

On the first day of my stay in my friend's house, we went to Palm Springs, rode the tram and rose to hundreds of feet above sea level!  It was so windy and lovely at the top. :)  Then, we went home and ate some buffet dinner, courtesy of my friend's dad!  How's that for hospitality and generosity?  Too bad I wasn't able to take a photo of our dinner.  Maybe I got so busy eating tempura!  Haha!

On the second day, we drove to Laguna Niguel to see our other orgmate!  She then led us to Dana Point, this Yacht Club where we had the most surreal time of walking by the bay and watching the sunset.  If we had boys with us, that would be the most romantic thing.  Haha!  My friend's mom hosted dinner.  Afterwards, we drove to Anaheim to meet my friend's other friends and and for some Hookah experience, hehe.  It was my first time and I enjoyed it!  We drove home too late that night, and you wouldn't believe that my friend had to be in school so early after that.  She only slept for a couple of hours, I think.  That is if she had slept at all! 

My third day was my last day in the USA.  My friend's dad accompanied us and drove us to LAX.  But before that, we hit Hollywood Boulevard for some photo ops and souvenirs.  A photo by Michael Jackson's star is a can't-be-missed, non-negotiable item on my trip!  And was I glad that I had a chance to sit by it! Then off we went to the airport.  It was bittersweet.  :) :(

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Viva Las Vegas!

Oh, Vegas... You are something!  Or how my friend would put it, you are bomb!  Wow, there's so much lively energy going on around Vegas.  And it's so contagious!

I was so lucky that my friend was so much up to have a Vegas trip.  It wasn't even in my original planned itinerary.  I mean, I have no relative there, and I didn't know that my friend could drive the distance.  Anyway, I am so, so very happy that I was able to experience Sin City!  (Not that I sinned, alright? :p )  Like what my friend said, my US trip would not be complete without it.  And yes, it's true!!

We got there Friday evening.  We just settled our stuff, changed clothes, and off we went to explore.  Now, our plan was to just go sight-seeing and hotel and casino-hopping.  We were reserving the partying 'til the next day.  BUT!  When we got to Luxor, this pyramid-shaped casino, we were greeted by some people who gave us free tickets to get in their club!  This was about nine o'clock in the evening, I think.  We were delighted by the invitation so we went in the club. With free drinks!  My friend and I planned to just "dropped by" and leave after a while.  But NO!  We spent the night dancing and dancing and dancing, until our legs could dance no more!  Hahaha!  It was such a FUN night!  For a home buddy and a morning person like me, nothing beats a night out in breaking the routine.  We were dancing in our heels, so needless to say, our feet died.  While walking back to our hotel, we had to remove our shoes and walk barefoot!  Hindi na kinaya!  And hey, apparently, girls do that in Vegas!

We woke up late the next day, of course.  We went around again, and I noticed how Vegas looks so different in the morning.  It looks more behaved, hehe!  The sights were so lovely!  And we took lots of pictures!  Oh, we ate at Jollibee Vegas, too!  How's that?!  Haha!

Night 2, now, we're more prepared to hit a club.  But first we drove to Fremont, the old Vegas.  After that, it's party all night!  Haha!  We loved dancing!!  And the cute European guys around, too!  Haha!

The next day, we drove to the outlet stores and did some shopping.  And had more of Jollibee Chicken Joy.  Hehe!

Vegas was such a crazy adventure with my friend!  So many things happened!  There was even this one time when her car wouldn't start, and we didn't know what to do!  Grabe, that Vegas trip was one-of-a-kind!  I'll always have so many stories to tell about Vegas.  But as that infamous line goes, what happened in Vegas, stays in Vegas!

And stay it will! :p

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Family Time at Bakersfield

After the overstimulating NY trip, the relaxing and chilling time I had with my cousin and her family in Bakersfield was so much appreciated!

My cousin, along with her super nice husband and kids, picked me up at LAX.  Then, we headed straight to a Filipino town in LA (I think) and ate some Filipino food!  It was so good to be here, seeing that many Filipinos again in one place!  Haha!  And if I remember correctly, Wowowee was on!  Haha!

Afterwards, we dropped by the Universal Studios City Walk.  My eyes were fed again!  We also ate some crepe for snacks.  Oooh, crepe...  And hey, they were playing Charice's song, Pyramid, in the park!  Sosyal!

Day 2 was just spent in the house.  My cousin had visitors, and we all spent the afternoon playing cards and board games, which I love to death!

Day 3 was spent going around town.  The best part was my cousin let me drive their van!!   Hahaha!  Yey!  I was so cautious 'cause I had four kids, all under five, on board!  We also went to Michael's, that craft store any crafter would like to live in!  I could have died in that place!  I just got myself a set of stamps and some notepads for pasalubong.  We also went to the outlet stores, an hour away, and that's when I shopped 'til my dollars were no more!  Hehe!  I loved shopping there, it's so, so much cheaper!!!

The real best part of this trip is spending time with my cousin.  She's been in the US for more than five years now.  Before, when she was still here, we'd often go out and watch a movie, along with our other cousins.  Now, times have changed.  She and most of my older cousins now have families, so there's less bonding time for us.  We're not the emotional, touchy-feely type of family, so I never knew how much I've missed her.

Now, the second real best part (haha, ang daming best part!) was spending time with and taking care of my nieces and nephews!  Kids are so much fun to be around with!!  I LOVED THEM.  I'd give anything so I could spend another day with them.  I hope they won't forget the time when Tita Maimai (said in a very cute, slang way) visited.

Thing 3 missing!

This is happiness. :)

I miss you, guys... *sniff*
It was perfect that I spent my days here because my energy for my whole trip was finally recharged.  Oh, I needed the whole recharging alright.  'cause Vegas was next!!  That's right!  Vegas, baby!!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

N to the Y!

During my US trip and semi-State-hopping, it's in New York where I stayed the longest.  I sorely miss it. :(

When I was in NY, I could not appreciate the cold spring weather.  But!  I'd kill to have a New York weather right now...

Washington Square, Serendipity, Times Square, Friends' "house, Grand Central, Flat Iron Building

Liberty Belles! :D
I'd also kill for a park similar to this to be right smack in the middle of Manila!  Wow, New York has made me so hostile.  Haha!
"MoWdelling" around Central Park
Looking at my NY photos makes me want to sing Empire State of Mind over and over and over!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

It's DC ;)

From Reno, we flew to Arizona, then to Boston, then finally, to DC. :)

I LOVED D.C.!  Such a clean place, with efficient transportation system and lots of museums!  Haha!  The four (almost five) days we spent there was clearly not enough to explore what D.C. has to offer.

First and Second Days:
Boston touchdown; WWII Memorial; Tulips around the bend;
Mother Teresa; Cherry Blossoms;
The Mallari Family et moi by the Washington Memorial

Third and Fourth Days:
US Capitol; Library of Congress; White House; Dinner with my Virginia-based friend

I don't remember getting tired walking around D.C.  :)

On our fifth day in this lovely town, we were getting ready for our bus ride to New York.  New York!!

Saturday, April 07, 2012


And it's not the liver spread!  Hahaha, ang baduy!

The Reno weather was a bit too cold for me.  But my family there made it warm enough.   I wasn't so much of a tourist here, and I liked it.  I experienced grocery shopping, bringing my nephews and nieces to school and picking them up, going to the local libraries, washing the dishes, going to the bank, malling, etc.  It's like I was given a very short preview of my life there.  And I loved it. :)

My aunt and cousin picked me up from the train station.  My ride from Salinas, CA to Reno, NV took about 9 hours.  I slept almost the whole time through, except for when the next stop, this huge, tattooed guy with an eye-patch (Who wears an eye-patch?!?) took the vacant seat beside me.  From then on, I was only like 20% asleep and 80% nervous.  Hahaha!  But the guy didn't do me any harm at all, he was actually kind of nice.  But again, who the heck wears an eye-patch?!?

We got to Reno a bit earlier than scheduled, so the station was still closed, and my fetchers were nowhere.  It didn't help that the bus driver did not lend me his phone (as opposed to the uber nice driver back in Salinas who volunteered his so that I could call my friend).  I texted my cousin but by this time, I wasn't sure yet if my international roaming was already activated.  When the station opened, I used the payphone and called my cousin.  What a relief to hear a familiar voice again!  And after a couple of minutes, my aunt has arrived.  She told me that she spotted me immediately because I was the only one looking "kawawa".  Hahaha!  She was already staring at me for a second or two before I recognized her.  And I realized, later on, that it's because I was so used to seeing strangers that seeing familiar faces seemed sort of strange!

As soon as I arrived, we just ate breakfast then we went on turbo tourist mode!

Photos on the left taken at the local church and at Lake Tahoe
On the right: My aunt, my nephews and niece, and me, in front of the Reno landmark :)

I only spent a couple of days in Reno, and was kind of regretful about that 'cause I still wanted to spend some time with my aunt.  Anyhoo, after three days in Reno, I, with the invitation from my cousin and her family, flew to the East Coast to see Washington, D.C. and New York!  That's next. :)

Wednesday, April 04, 2012

The Bay Area :)

My first stop was Monterey Bay where my college friend and her husband live.  It was such a nice and relaxing place... The drive around is very scenic and breath-taking, especially for a Manila-dweller like me.  I bet people there don't get stressed as often as we do!

My friend was so generous and hospitable to tour me around the sights nearby.  You know, I can still see the sunshine and feel the cool breeze.  I really, truly loved it there.  It's bittersweet.

Ahh... The Pacific Ocean!
The photos on the right: my friend, the picture of perfection.
And me, of utter failure.
Here at the Sta. Cruz Beach Boardwalk
I didn't really have to get in the rides.
Really, all the visual stimuli are more than enough.

Before going to the States, I was at the height of what you can call a laser tag addiction.  So, I really intended to play abroad, but I didn't think that I'd find an arena.  Anyhoo, we were able to play!  Oh, I did make a post about this already, haha!  Ugh, addiction it is...

And then, Day 3 is San Francisco Day!!!  It's such a bustling city full of tourists and the appropriate amount of noise!  Haha!  And it's so funny that I coincidentally wore my orange-ish long sleeves, which I didn't know was the semi-official color of San Francisco.  Hehe!  

Union Square; Lunch at a Sports Bar; By the Sea Lions at Pier 39; The Golden Gate :)

Fisherman's Wharf; In front of a random flower bed;
with the Alcatraz in sight; enjoying the Golden Gate

I was very lucky that the sky was so clear when we got to San Francisco.  My aunt, who's been to the city twice, has not seen the towers of the gate yet because of the clouds.  Still many kilometers away, I already saw the two 'towers' standing proudly.  Such a sight!

I do say an awful lot of stuff, but believe me when I say that it was so beautiful there.  I should make it a serious plan to go back.  Let's go!

The night of April 4 last year, I was en route to Reno, Nevada.  That's next!

Saturday, March 31, 2012

This Day Last Year

In honor of my greatest adventure of all time (Haha!), I am recounting the breezy days I spent in the land of the free. ;)  Initially, I wanted to document EVERYTHING from that trip.  You know, for records purpose, in case my memory turns its back on me.  But, I simply didn't have the time nor the energy to write then as my senses tried to take EVERYTHING in.  So, let me do this now.  While I am unemployed.  Haha!

My 28 days away

March 31, I flew out of Manila to visit the States and see my family and friends.

Marquee:  Maligayang Paglalakbay
We had a layover at Taipei, then spent the night flying across the Pacific Ocean.  When we finally got to San Francisco, I was beyond belief, and at the same time, very thankful for the safe flight and the chance. :)

From the airport, I took the train (station within the airport, thank God) to another train station where I'll take a train, and then a bus to get to my friend's area.  All in all, I was in transit for 27 hours, stopovers and waiting time included, before seeing a familiar face again. :)

Bay Area post, next up!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

I, the Sucker for Giveaways!

I came across a blog which has links to a lot of crafting giveaways.  And I, the soon-to-be-unemployed and the sucker for freebies won't let any of those go without giving a try!  They choose the winner/s randomly, so I PRAY that I win!

Click the links and follow along:

Monday, March 12, 2012

Updates, Bullet-style

The school year ended last Friday, and so the past couple of days have been light.  But, I'm quite emotionally loaded right now, both positively and negatively, so I can't say that I'm actually as free as a bird.  Anyway, in my life, here are the latest happenings:

- This school year is my last school year in Xavier.  It is certainly so very sad to say goodbye to this familiar place, especially to the kids, but resigning is something that's just been waiting to happen.  With the completion of my MA in sight, I guess this is the best time to go.  Needless to say, I cried buckets while saying goodbye and giving out chocolates to my previous and current students.  It was very hard, especially since there's a part of me which feels that it's unfair for the students not to have their teacher to visit next year. Egocentric?

- With this resignation comes the uncertainty about the future.  There's already a part-time work waiting for me (official announcement soon!  lol!), thank God.  But I don't think that'll be financially enough, given my obligations and needs.  Anyway, I'm still job-hunting, so that's one thing that's keeping me occupied as well.  Mentally, at least.  'cause I just go around and around thinking about it, without actually doing anything.  (But I'm sure you'll understand, as I have  a lot of stuff in my hands. :p )

- I started cleaning up my work station today.  I tried to not get too sentimental while packing my stuff.  I just really wanted to start cleaning and not delay the inevitable.  Tomorrow, I'll remove all my classroom decors.  I'm sure it's not gonna be easy... :(


- Still regarding resignation, I still have to work on my clearance, my bank account, and other requirements.  You know, I don't really have the energy to attend to my resignation, or saying goodbye, for that matter.  When people ask me about it, I just nod in affirmation then shrug it off, giving the same excuse I'm giving you now: "I don't have the energy to deal with it yet, that's why I didn't tell you."  Is that some kind of a bad sign or something?

- Thesis-wise, I'm currently waiting.  But it's the waiting that kills me.  My oral defense is not until March 21, so that means I only have a week to revise and submit everything so that I can graduate this semester.  I'm hoping against hope that my panelists won't make me do lots of rework anymore, especially since I heeded their advice during my proposal defense.  What I'm procrastinating to do, though, is my defense presentation. I turned on my laptop with that to-do in mind, but, oh well!  I'll finish it tomorrow, I promise!

- Hey!!  I won in the card-making contest I joined in last month!  If that doesn't make me a legitimate crafter, I don't know what will!  Hahaha!  (Check out the button on the side bar. That's right, it's for real, baby!)  I'd be honest, though - I'm still SO NOT confident with my "artistic" side.  I'll work on that this April!

My winning card!!  Walang kokontra, there's a rationale why it won!  Haha!

- Crafting dues:  I'm currently working on some baptismal invites for my friend's baby.  I could have finished it yesterday but I couldn't find the perfect buttons to embellish the invites.  Argh.  I better hit the market soon.  Also, as a simple goodbye gifts to my teacher friends, I initially planned on making monogram cards for them. The thing is, aside from the fact that I don't have much time, the alphabet stamps I purchased from eBay are still in the box en route to Manila.  My aunt said it'll probably arrive by end of March.  Too late, too late, too late. :(  So, I guess what I can do is just give them thank-you cards.  I made some during the Christmas break, but I need about 15 cards (or more?).  Time to work! :s

- The problem with me is, as it has always been, the more time I have, the less things I accomplish.  I like free time to be free time, and work time to be all about work, work, work!  I don't know why I'm such a masochist!  Haha!  But that's the sad thing about me.  I can't even get myself to make a card.  Or go to the gym!  (When before I'd work out in the middle of a thesis-work chaos!)

- No progress regarding my car repair.  Crazy insurance said since the car is more than three years, they don't cover casa repair.  The hell!  They should've informed us about that earlier so we could just file a claim from our insurance but NO.  They told us to file a certificate of no claim from our insurance.  Again, the hell.

- I have a short trip with my two friends after the Holy Week, and we haven't booked a a place to stay yet.  Though I'm really looking forward to that vacation and escaping Manila heat, I can't get myself to be excited about that yet since there's the matter of the thesis and the job-hunting.  Actually, we don't know squat about what we're gonna do there.  Haha!  I'm so irresponsible, what is up?  I guess I'm under a lot of stress right now- I juggle one thought and another without accomplishing anything.  And that's just sad.

HAAAAAYYYYYYY.  Typing all these down makes me feel like a huge rock on my shoulders has been lifted up.  Thanks, catharsis.  For now, I'm counting on you! I hope my next entry won't be as blah as this.

Tuesday, March 06, 2012

The Banner Project

My New York-based friend asked me to help arrange a surprise party for her husband. They came home last Sunday, and I took it upon myself to make a banner for a more 'surprise' effect! :)

I first started with the idea of using a brown paper bag ('cause I just got a pack from the supermarket), then I worked from there.  I ran each brown bag on my embossing machine using different embossing templates.

Then, I cut out the letters from different patterned papers.  Good thing I have some 'boyish' papers on hand, or else it would've been a pink party!  I don't have a lot of papers at home, I have just enough numbers for the letters I needed.  What luck! :)

And then, I pasted each letter on the brown bag.  I also cut the bottom part to get to that shape.  It worked for the better, if you ask me. ;)

After that, I asked my teacher friend to do the broken white lines on the sides of the bag.  We used liquid eraser for that.  Nice, right?!

Using my ticket puncher, I punched holes on the top part of each paper where I can 'sew' the white yarn through.  There!

Here's the photo of my star banner!  Yes, I proclaimed it a star!  Lol!

It looked better in actual life, I promise!

This isn't the best picture 'cause the embossing isn't visible here.  But good thing the banner wasn't placed too high, or the place wasn't too big, so everyone was able to see it. :D  Forgive me, I'm such a show off!  Hahaha!  I'll post a closer shot when my friend shares her photos. :)

For MORE, I also made some small souvenir brown bags the guests can take home.  I used small brown bags, the one you see when you buy peanuts on the streets.  I ran each through my Big Shot also.  Then, I stamped 'thank you' on the side.  I wasn't quite satisfied with how it looked at this point, so I cut some blue ribbons in half, then just pasted it on the bag.  Gosh, it's so hard to make stuff for boys!  I couldn't even tie a bow!

I love the embossed look!  Now it doesn't look like your
regular peanut wrapper, does it?!
I put chocolates inside the bag.  I only made 30 pieces of this, but my fingers still hurt. :s  I should do something about that, especially since I intend to do this kind of stuff for a looooong time!

Thursday, March 01, 2012

Deleting Bookmarks like erasing something that used to be very important.  And somehow, the very fact that you're deleting something that was significant enough for you before to bookmark it is saddening... :(  A tiny end-of-an-era on its own.

Greyhound Reservations
China Airlines
Expedia itinerary
San Francisco Taxi Fare Calculator
Self-inking stamps for teachers

The bookmarks above, no matter how I want to cling on them, serve me no purpose now. :(

The following bookmarks, I'd be so happy to be deleting, though. Hehe!  Deleting these is like a premature graduation celebration.  Haha!

Multiple Regression
Simple Slopes Analysis
Transforming Data in SPSS
Structural Modelling Equation with EQS

And then there are some which will remain, mostly websites on crafting. ;) No surprise!  I wonder what I'd bookmark soon!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Car Update

So, my dad got to check on our car this morning, and sadly, he found more damages when he removed the spare tire. :(  Turned out there are dents in the rear door, the rear wiper got misaligned, the door handle got loose, and the leather inside the fiber case got cut.

I've contacted the mom of the driver this morning, and she's very amicable, apologetic, and pleasant. I think insurance has to take care of this already.  I'd prefer cash, though.  Either way, I'd still have to go to Honda on Saturday to get an estimate of the repair cost.  Hassle.

The inside of the fiber case
Loose door handle
Hope it'll be over soon 'cause I can't afford to lose any of my time.  If there's anything, I think this accident is teaching me how to have further patience.  That I'll learn...

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

First (and hopefully, last!) Road Accident

I filed for an under time from work today to go to Ateneo, work on my statistics, and submit my draft to my adviser.  For 2 o'clock in the afternoon, the traffic in Santolan was unusually heavy.  Because of that, when I got to Katipunan flyover, the traffic was already bad.  When I leave Green Hills by 2pm, I can reach Ateneo by 2:30.

I'm always particularly careful when driving at the hanging part of the flyover.  And since it's traffic, I kept on stepping on the brakes, then clutch and gas, then brakes, and that.  Whenever my car is 'hanging', I check my rear-view mirror to see if the car behind me can allow me to back down a bit or if it's too close.  Well, this gray SUV was kind of close. From my mirror, I saw that it was a girl driving, and that she's on the phone.

About five minutes after that, when we're already a little past the flyover, BOOM!  Everything happened so quickly - I just remember hitting the back of my head on the head rest, and that everything on my dashboard fell.  I opened my door, and the driver of the car who hit me was already apologizing through her window.  I went down, and so did she.  I caught sight of her car first, and it got some serious damage.  I then turned to my car, so ready to see a whole piece of wreck, only to see that my spare tire cover only got scratches.  I was relieved as relieved can be.

She was incessantly apologizing, and that for me was a good enough pacifier for that very stressful time.  No MMDA officer was around, and we were causing traffic already, so I asked for her license and told her to follow me inside Ateneo.  

More than the car, it was the driver who was in wreck.  She was crying on the phone and everything.  I could imagine that, she's just 18!  I would have cried like no tomorrow if that happened to me.  His boyfriend got there, who happened to be a Xavier alumnus, and they contacted the girl's brother and uncle.  All this while I was also calling some guy friends to see how much the repair on my car's part would be.  The girl was very hesitant to call her mom, but I told her she had to since she doesn't know anything about the car, the insurance, etc.  And I'm in a hurry!  My thesis is driving me crazy enough, I don't need another reason to go crazier.

Anyway, the mom talked to me on the phone.  She was also very nice and apologetic for the inconvenience, which I affirmed wholeheartedly as I don't welcome any inconveniences at this time.  She said she'll be dropping by by 7pm, and I said I'll wait for her since I still have to work there anyway.  We left the car there (which can no longer be driven, by the way - because of the radiator and the brake fluid leak thingamajig), they got picked up by some friends, one of which is also a Xaverian, and I went ahead to the research room to work.  Though I, of course, haven't forgotten about what happened, doing my statistics has somehow calmed me.  Or tensed me in another level?

Anyway, to cut the long story (sorry, catharsis) short, around 5pm, I went out to check the girl's car again and I saw that the uncle is there already.  He was very easy to talk to and immediately gave me the amount which I initially told the girl about.  I also showed him my car, and he was as relieved as I was to see that not much damage has been done.  He even commented that the next car he's gonna buy is a CRV  (Hey, I could be a good advertisement for Honda!).

After that, I went on my thing again, and they had to secure a permit (I'm not sure) from Ateneo that they're parking the car over night, and that it will just be towed tomorrow.  Poor thing.

After we made everything in black-and-white, I left school while they're still sitting on one of the benches.  Anyway, the thing is, because the accident shook the life out of me, it's only when I got home that I remembered the things I was supposed to do - go to another office in Ateneo, pick up something from UP, eat pancit canton from UP (hehe), etc.  I got home so very hungry.  Well, mainly, I'm relieved and grateful.  But also hungry.

If you see her car, you'd think something as bad, or worse, happened to mine.  Look at her car:

Her Toyota Innova, a whole world of dent and leaking

Now, thank the heavens and look at  mine:
This fiber case is heaven-sent.  I don't know what would have
happened if something else were there.
Right, go ahead, buy a CRV now.  Hehe!  During my drive home, I couldn't help but feel that my car's rear is invincible.  But I guess, more than anything, I just got really lucky and blessed.  This accident could've been so much worse - what if I were also tail-gating the car in front of me and I hit it, too, after being hit?  What if the driver who bumped me were some kind of drunk idiot who wouldn't admit to his obvious fault?  What if the driver, or in my case, the driver's family, didn't have money?  What if we got hurt?

While the girl was crying, I was really pissed at what happened (more especially at the timing),
 but I couldn't help but comfort her and tell her to stop crying as we're still both very lucky.  And I just told her that she has to be a lot more careful next time.  That goes for me, too.

I know this may sound like such a small deal for most people, given that road accidents happen every so often.  But it is for me.  It's really true that there's always a first time.  I thank God for making my "first" as manageable as possible.  I also thank God that I'm still here, able to type everything down.  Truly, everything, we owe to the Big Guy.

This morning, when I was in school teaching my kids, who knew this would happen?

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's!

Because I am so friggin' occupied by my not-so-finished thesis, I was a bit reflective last night of what I should actually do about it.  Well, for now, the answer is just for me to wait.  Anyway, while in that pensive mood, I remember Avenue Q.  I used to listen to its OST a couple of years ago.  Until my old netbook had to give up on me. :(  Oh, well.  I just want to share this song, Purpose.  It hits me on so many levels, especially before when I was younger and more idealistic.  Hehe!

But now that I'm older, and only a small percentage of idealism is left in me (hehe!), here's a more apt song for my current state, For Now

On a more Valentine-y note, here's a couple of little somethings I got from my boys.  No matter how simple, these gifts of love always have a place in my heart.  And I appreciate them beyond words.  This is the good thing about this job, you always feel loved - you can always count on it. :)  No wonder many teachers grow old unmarried. :s

Happy Valentine's Day, everybody!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Putting a spin on a rather boring sticky notes.
On Chinese New Year.
Happy New Year to me!

New Year's resolution: Not to be too stingy anymore when it comes to using notepads/post-its.  You should see what I have - I have a lot!  Because I'm too kuripot to use them.  Haha!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Midweek Challenge

I felt rather low yesterday and I'm not exactly sure why.  I know, though, that while some of my friends are planning their future, enjoying their hard-earned money, and having a breezy time (it seems, at least), here I am sitting in my small nook in the universe, thinking about my professor's feedback on my paper, waiting for answers to flood my brain, wanting stuff that I don't have, and suddenly, just feeling generally unsure about what lies ahead. 

To make things worse, all these I do while time passes so quickly before and behind me.

I guess I need days like this - days to remind me that there's only so much one person can do at a given time.  And that you can't have everything your way, even if it appears like your way is the only way.  

You see, I can't even touch my new stamp sets until later. :p

Be with me, God.  Please?

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

A New Nightmare

I had the weirdest and scariest dream last night.  I dreamt that I was getting married.  Now, on a regular day, that dream would have been awesome!  BUT in my dream, I got married because I got pregnant (my gosh)!  And that's not the worst part - I'm marrying an immature person who works as a dancer with an unstable income!!!  My heart wanted to jump out of my body, I tell you!

The dream was very vivid, and can actually be close to reality as I see the same circumstance happened to some people.  This is why it got me really scared for the life of me.

The gown I was wearing was really nice, and so was the bouquet (pink tulips, baby)!  The wedding was simple given that it was not well-prepared for (hello, nabuntis nga e!).  Here's the thing, as a practical person, I've never wished for a grand wedding.  But after seeing myself in a gown, with only about 10 people around me, sitting down on a restaurant for a wedding reception (ordering a la carte, mind you), I guess I should start wishing for more fabulous stuff from now on!  Haha!  In the dream, while eating, I was even thinking that this guy (my groom, ahem) better pay for this dinner!  Hahaha!

It's funny how now that I'm older, nightmares have taken on a whole different meaning.  When before it was ghosts I was scared about, now it's instability, enduring commitments, and finding the right man which take on my subconsciousness.  I wonder what this dream means...Could it be that I am to marry someone sloppy and immature?  Or the opposite of that??  OR!  Could it be that I am not to marry at all given that this wedding scenario scared me??  Ayayay...  I couldn't tell for sure, all I know is that it brought to the fore my real fears.

Boy, I may just be the happiest person to wake up at 3:30 in the morning.  Phew!

PS.  In fairness to me and my groom (LOL!), we looked a lot better that those people in the cartoon!  I was so slim in the gown (yessss!), and the guy, albeit his financial instability (but who came from a well-to-do family, as stated in my dream, haha!), was sort of good looking. ;)  But, Lord, I'll take on the not-so-good looking guy who can give me security, over a hot guy who can't, any time of the day.  I promise!

Monday, January 09, 2012

I Digress

You see that new button on the right?  Now that you've noticed it, the first thing you have to do is to congratulate me for remembering how to add an element on my blog!  Then, congratulate me some more 'cause I was even able to resize it!  Haha!  I know, I know... You can now stop your outbursts of applause. :D

Whenever I digress from my school work- which happens a lot- I put my energy onto trying to be a better "crafter".  And though I could get really busy at times, I'll try my best to send in some entries to this card-making contest!  I'm really excited to work on some cards, and more excited to win, of course!  But as I have mastered the art of self-handicapping, I'm not banking on it much given that I'm not really the most creative person in the world.  I'll rely on my materials to add in the beauty factor!

Oh, for this "endeavor", I told myself that I will not buy any materials or tools to make the cards.  I won't buy anything AT ALL, and I'll make use of whatever I have now.  Well, so far, so good - I just submitted my first entry (more of a "trial entry" than an actual one) and I only used stuff that I have.  Am I resourceful or what?  (One might be tempted to say "poor".  Hehe!)

There!  It's just Monday, but my body feels like it's Friday already, hehe! :)  God bless me!