Thursday, March 01, 2012

Deleting Bookmarks like erasing something that used to be very important.  And somehow, the very fact that you're deleting something that was significant enough for you before to bookmark it is saddening... :(  A tiny end-of-an-era on its own.

Greyhound Reservations
China Airlines
Expedia itinerary
San Francisco Taxi Fare Calculator
Self-inking stamps for teachers

The bookmarks above, no matter how I want to cling on them, serve me no purpose now. :(

The following bookmarks, I'd be so happy to be deleting, though. Hehe!  Deleting these is like a premature graduation celebration.  Haha!

Multiple Regression
Simple Slopes Analysis
Transforming Data in SPSS
Structural Modelling Equation with EQS

And then there are some which will remain, mostly websites on crafting. ;) No surprise!  I wonder what I'd bookmark soon!

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