Monday, December 31, 2012

You're the kindest, 2012!

2012, for me, is a year of opportunities, challenges, chances, new things, and hope.

I wanna freeze 2012, only because it has been so good to me. I don't want to forget about this year.  Well, I don't think I ever can. ;)  But at the same time, since 2012 has been very pro-Aileen, I also can't help but look forward to what's in store in the future.  I pray with all my might that 2013 will be as kind to us as 2012 has been. :)

My year in review:

JANUARY - Hmm... I don't remember much!  Haha!  All I know is that I was so busy with my thesis at this time.  Also, it was January that I decided to resign from Xavier and venture into something else. It was not the easiest decision to make, but I think it was just really meant.  'cause everything else will follow through as you will see in the coming months.

FEBRUARY - Thesis pa rin.  I was also job hunting at this time.  I think DLSU has already accepted me at this point in time.  Thank you for taking me in, La Salle!

MARCH - I defended my thesis and submitted it!  M.A. done!  YEAAAAH!  This also marked the last days in Xavier - the place I sincerely loved where I met students I've loved so much and friends I keep to this day.  It was bittersweet.

But because of these, I have spent the most stress-free of all my summers!! Haha!

APRIL - I got accepted to teach in ADMU at this time- I was just really the most blessed person in the world. Now, I was not so scared financially to have just a part-time job - 'cause I have two!  DLSU and ADMU, no less.  UP na lang kulang, hehe.  Now, as if these blessings aren't enough yet, my thesis adviser, my brilliant prof extraordinaire, upon learning that I'll be teaching in ADMU, asked me to lead a research project of which I was previously a research assistant.  This meant A LOT to me.  You see, my professor gives this intimidating aura, not that she tries to e, but that's just how amazingly good she is!  And I've always thought that I was just 'another' student to her.  Good thing and thank God she was quite happy with my work ethics during my thesis work.  So I have three part-time jobs now!

I also went on beach trip with my two high school friends.  Save for that stupid jellyfish allergies which required me to wear long sleeves for the next hot summer month, that trip was AWESOME!

MAY - I started teaching in DLSU!  The students are nice, the bosses are nice, the people around are nice, Manila drivers aren't.  The worst.  Manila traffic sucked the energy out of me. Each time I drive! Waaah, please help me! (I don't know who I'm asking help from, haha!)

JUNE - I started teaching in ADMU!  I was living the dream!  Having been used to a strict 8 - 5 job, I was immensely enjoying the flexible and light hours of my new job.  The only downside was the checking of papers, and dealing with the not-so-ideal students.  Nonetheless, I was having a ball of a time!!

JULY - What happened in July?  Haha!

AUGUST - August was sooo romantic, geekily at least.  Haha!  I was able to attend, for the first time, the PAP Conference in Cebu (also my first time to fly locally!).  Seeing myself on the same floor (literal ha) with my undergrad professors, ah, it was surreal!  Not only that, I also presented a paper.  I felt so legit!  Haha!  But wait, there's more.  One of the items on my bucket list has been achieved - to become a published writer. :)  Well, it may not be the dream exactly, 'cause it was a research paper that was published!  Haha! I should have been more specific on that dream, haha.

SEPTEMBER - DLSU Term 1 ends!  It was sooo fast!  Haha!  I enjoy the independence of teaching in college - that's just really how I like it. :)  And with this independence came some free time to craft!  I asked a dear friend in the States to ship home the crafting machine I bought.  My life has never been the same again.  Haha!  I LOOOOOOVE IT!

OCTOBER - ADMU Sem 1 ends!  It was fun getting to know 'teenagers' once again, more especially when they're smart and obedient.  Haha!  It's hard to part with college students, too, you know.  Especially since I'm really used to being attached with my younger students then.  But oh well, life goes on. :)

I also started selling some stuff I made from my crafting machine.  Very timely for Christmas, I was thankful that the machine has already paid for itself.  Well, almost. :)  Hehe!

NOVEMBER - I turned 28!  Wow, that was quick. So many first's happened at this month.  All I can say is that it has been a WONDERFUL month!  And with all the crazy traffic and rush December brings, November may just steal the spot for my most favorite month of the year!  Haha!

DECEMBER - December got me so busy - my work, my little crafting business, my crazy thoughts.  Haha!  You see, this is the first time I'm blogging this month!  So lazy of me.  The Christmas break has made me so lazy.  But it has also made me sooo happy. Haha!  Ang sarap lang mag-nap ng buong hapon.  Haha!

Wait, I don't think my monthly summary supported the opening statement of this entry. Haha!  I may have lost all the drama while typing, haha.  Bottom line,  I'm just really happy - with what's going on with my life, with my family, with my friends' lives.  The only thing I'm not happy about is how poor we are in terms of discipline!  Really, that's my greatest problem (money's next, haha!) - I love my job, I love my status, I love my friends - my stresses just come from my regular, day-to-day living.  Praying HARD for the Philippines and the Filipinos to improve!  Fine, that's my single, ultimate wish for 2013.  Sana magkatotoo!

Happy New Year, everybody!!!!

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