Wednesday, April 04, 2012

The Bay Area :)

My first stop was Monterey Bay where my college friend and her husband live.  It was such a nice and relaxing place... The drive around is very scenic and breath-taking, especially for a Manila-dweller like me.  I bet people there don't get stressed as often as we do!

My friend was so generous and hospitable to tour me around the sights nearby.  You know, I can still see the sunshine and feel the cool breeze.  I really, truly loved it there.  It's bittersweet.

Ahh... The Pacific Ocean!
The photos on the right: my friend, the picture of perfection.
And me, of utter failure.
Here at the Sta. Cruz Beach Boardwalk
I didn't really have to get in the rides.
Really, all the visual stimuli are more than enough.

Before going to the States, I was at the height of what you can call a laser tag addiction.  So, I really intended to play abroad, but I didn't think that I'd find an arena.  Anyhoo, we were able to play!  Oh, I did make a post about this already, haha!  Ugh, addiction it is...

And then, Day 3 is San Francisco Day!!!  It's such a bustling city full of tourists and the appropriate amount of noise!  Haha!  And it's so funny that I coincidentally wore my orange-ish long sleeves, which I didn't know was the semi-official color of San Francisco.  Hehe!  

Union Square; Lunch at a Sports Bar; By the Sea Lions at Pier 39; The Golden Gate :)

Fisherman's Wharf; In front of a random flower bed;
with the Alcatraz in sight; enjoying the Golden Gate

I was very lucky that the sky was so clear when we got to San Francisco.  My aunt, who's been to the city twice, has not seen the towers of the gate yet because of the clouds.  Still many kilometers away, I already saw the two 'towers' standing proudly.  Such a sight!

I do say an awful lot of stuff, but believe me when I say that it was so beautiful there.  I should make it a serious plan to go back.  Let's go!

The night of April 4 last year, I was en route to Reno, Nevada.  That's next!


  1. I've been reading your posts about your travels. Oh how fun! It looks like you are having a great time. I love so many of the areas you visited (Monterey, DC, Vegas, San Fran). I hope you continue to enjoy your visit to the US and safe travels home.

  2. Hello, Ms. Cheryl! Thanks very much for your comment. It was indeed such a fun trip I'd never, ever forget.

    I write this blognfor personal documentation, but to have others read it is more than a welcomed surprise. :)