Sunday, July 22, 2012

When 9gag Comes to Life!

Though I'm still adjusting with my current work, I've already found joy and satisfaction in most of the things I do.  I admit, many times I miss the comfort and routine of my old job, and the company of friends and my cute, little students (especially when your big students aren't the politest people you'll ever meet), but I have found my happy place.  Thank God.  And this drawing!

Laughing heartily, tears were flowing from my eyes when I was reading this!  When the class/exam ended, my student (the author and artist!) actually told me that he has a note for me.  I thought it was a letter of apology for not studying harder, since he's been complaining the whole test time.  Little did I know that I'll experience 9gag come to life after a couple of hours!

Thank you for this huge strand of laughter on a rainy day, you! :p

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