Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Hey, Psych Prof?

A student called me just that literally five minutes ago.  So... I'm basking in!  Hehe!

Here I am typing this blog from the library in Ateneo.  And it feels kind of different that I'm here not because I have something to study or there's a requirement to finish.  Uh-huh, uh-huh!  I have crossed the other side, baby!

People (and by people, I mean the two people who read my blog.  Haha! :p), I have resigned from my work as a grade school teacher and am now teaching in the collegiate level.  Why?  'cause I'm a poser like that! Haha!

I'm having a great time, so far!  Ateneo feels kind of more special now that I'm already a teacher here compared to when I was student.  I could think of a psychological explanation for that, but I am too lazy right now.

I actually also teach in La Salle, yeah, the rival school.  Why?  'cause I'm also impartial like that.  Hehe!  Truth be told, I just need money.  Hehe!

I don't want to be too sentimental about this career shift that I did because I have other stuff to think about.  But when I try to concentrate and take it all in, I feel so blessed that another dream has come true.  Back in 2002, I was a college freshman and thought of semi-wanting to be like my professors.  But since I had other plans in mind (pre-school teacher was one), plus the fact that I didn't know a lot back then (not that I'm saying that I know A LOT now, alright?!) and didn't deem myself worthy, that professor-plan took a back seat.

Until I was almost done with my Master's.  HEY!  I am through with my MA!  Would you believe that?!  This blog formed a life with all my rants and angst about grad school!  Haha!  Wow, I can't believe I haven't made an official announcement about that!  Not that it matters AT ALL, but still! :p

So anyway, here I am now.  Not that I ever doubted it, but God must really love me. :)  I'm still adjusting with EVERYTHING (Adjustment #1: the drive to Manila is insane, you gotta hate it), but happily learning all that I can from this dream-like experience.  And enjoying all those remarks about how I still look like a student!  Hahaha!

That's it - I'm ending this blog entry with that vain thought so it will linger on you (and you'll be disgusted, haha!)!

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