Wednesday, July 31, 2013


Since 2006, I have made sure to write on my blog (LJ first, then Multiply, then here) at least once a month.  Maybe two or three if I'm feeling extra chatty.  But I think this era will be coming to an end.  I just have too much on my plate right now. :(

Aside from my three "regular" jobs, I'm also working on another research project.  Then there's the matter of my PhD application and attending to my personal future plans.  Whether it's actual work for those two or just thinking about them is enough to consume my time and energy.

And then of course, as you would've probably anticipated, there's the Manila traffic I'm constantly furious about.  If it's not the traffic, then it's a thick-faced girl who doesn't line up in riding the train.  THAT SM SALESLADY WHO DID NOT EVEN BUDGE AFTER BEING TOLD THAT SHE'S SKIPPING THE LINE.  Let me just say this - makapal ang iyong face. I feel sorry for you and your unborn children!  I sincerely wished she wouldn't have appetite for dinner last night and that she'll realize that her cutting the line was the cause of it.

I have become so negative and critical.  One highly probably reason for this is my tight schedule.  Because I'm always in a hurry, I easily get annoyed with traffic, PUV's taking way too long to wait for passengers (who do not come!), uncivilized people (yes, I'm talking to you, SM saleslady girl), students who slowly walk in rows (I normally walk fast, so even if you weren't walking really slowly, that's still slow for me. Sorry.), people who show up without appointments, and MANY other things.  Writing all these down, I actually feel sorry for myself!  Where is the ultra positive me??

I'll be back!  I'll be back when I'm more collected and cheerful. I'll come back another day.  Maybe that's gonna happen when I go back to crafting again.  I miss crafting!!!!! You know what, since today is a school holiday, I might just whip out my crafting tools and craft to my heart's content!

Wait, scratch that, maybe just craft for an hour or so!  PhD student-wannabe needs to study!