Tuesday, March 06, 2012

The Banner Project

My New York-based friend asked me to help arrange a surprise party for her husband. They came home last Sunday, and I took it upon myself to make a banner for a more 'surprise' effect! :)

I first started with the idea of using a brown paper bag ('cause I just got a pack from the supermarket), then I worked from there.  I ran each brown bag on my embossing machine using different embossing templates.

Then, I cut out the letters from different patterned papers.  Good thing I have some 'boyish' papers on hand, or else it would've been a pink party!  I don't have a lot of papers at home, I have just enough numbers for the letters I needed.  What luck! :)

And then, I pasted each letter on the brown bag.  I also cut the bottom part to get to that shape.  It worked for the better, if you ask me. ;)

After that, I asked my teacher friend to do the broken white lines on the sides of the bag.  We used liquid eraser for that.  Nice, right?!

Using my ticket puncher, I punched holes on the top part of each paper where I can 'sew' the white yarn through.  There!

Here's the photo of my star banner!  Yes, I proclaimed it a star!  Lol!

It looked better in actual life, I promise!

This isn't the best picture 'cause the embossing isn't visible here.  But good thing the banner wasn't placed too high, or the place wasn't too big, so everyone was able to see it. :D  Forgive me, I'm such a show off!  Hahaha!  I'll post a closer shot when my friend shares her photos. :)

For MORE, I also made some small souvenir brown bags the guests can take home.  I used small brown bags, the one you see when you buy peanuts on the streets.  I ran each through my Big Shot also.  Then, I stamped 'thank you' on the side.  I wasn't quite satisfied with how it looked at this point, so I cut some blue ribbons in half, then just pasted it on the bag.  Gosh, it's so hard to make stuff for boys!  I couldn't even tie a bow!

I love the embossed look!  Now it doesn't look like your
regular peanut wrapper, does it?!
I put chocolates inside the bag.  I only made 30 pieces of this, but my fingers still hurt. :s  I should do something about that, especially since I intend to do this kind of stuff for a looooong time!


  1. "This isn't the best picture 'cause the embossing isn't visible here." OC.. hehe I LOVE everything!!! Sooo pretty! And I love buntings. :) Still could NOT stay away from ribbons huh? hehe Good job, Mai!!

  2. Hahaha! Thank you! Post the pictures of the stuff you did for the shower din!

    PS. I looked up seam binding ribbon, but I still don't know what it is. :( Sorry!