Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's!

Because I am so friggin' occupied by my not-so-finished thesis, I was a bit reflective last night of what I should actually do about it.  Well, for now, the answer is just for me to wait.  Anyway, while in that pensive mood, I remember Avenue Q.  I used to listen to its OST a couple of years ago.  Until my old netbook had to give up on me. :(  Oh, well.  I just want to share this song, Purpose.  It hits me on so many levels, especially before when I was younger and more idealistic.  Hehe!

But now that I'm older, and only a small percentage of idealism is left in me (hehe!), here's a more apt song for my current state, For Now

On a more Valentine-y note, here's a couple of little somethings I got from my boys.  No matter how simple, these gifts of love always have a place in my heart.  And I appreciate them beyond words.  This is the good thing about this job, you always feel loved - you can always count on it. :)  No wonder many teachers grow old unmarried. :s

Happy Valentine's Day, everybody!

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