Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Car Update

So, my dad got to check on our car this morning, and sadly, he found more damages when he removed the spare tire. :(  Turned out there are dents in the rear door, the rear wiper got misaligned, the door handle got loose, and the leather inside the fiber case got cut.

I've contacted the mom of the driver this morning, and she's very amicable, apologetic, and pleasant. I think insurance has to take care of this already.  I'd prefer cash, though.  Either way, I'd still have to go to Honda on Saturday to get an estimate of the repair cost.  Hassle.

The inside of the fiber case
Loose door handle
Hope it'll be over soon 'cause I can't afford to lose any of my time.  If there's anything, I think this accident is teaching me how to have further patience.  That I'll learn...

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