Sunday, April 29, 2012

Last Leg: South Cali :)

After that Vegas trip, we went back to my friend's home and tried to see as much as we can of South California.  My friend took a leave from work so she could tour me around.  So after attending her class in the morning, she drives for me so I could see the place and our other college friend who lives about an hour away from here.  We also drove to Macy's and a couple of other stores for more pasalubong-shopping.  

On the first day of my stay in my friend's house, we went to Palm Springs, rode the tram and rose to hundreds of feet above sea level!  It was so windy and lovely at the top. :)  Then, we went home and ate some buffet dinner, courtesy of my friend's dad!  How's that for hospitality and generosity?  Too bad I wasn't able to take a photo of our dinner.  Maybe I got so busy eating tempura!  Haha!

On the second day, we drove to Laguna Niguel to see our other orgmate!  She then led us to Dana Point, this Yacht Club where we had the most surreal time of walking by the bay and watching the sunset.  If we had boys with us, that would be the most romantic thing.  Haha!  My friend's mom hosted dinner.  Afterwards, we drove to Anaheim to meet my friend's other friends and and for some Hookah experience, hehe.  It was my first time and I enjoyed it!  We drove home too late that night, and you wouldn't believe that my friend had to be in school so early after that.  She only slept for a couple of hours, I think.  That is if she had slept at all! 

My third day was my last day in the USA.  My friend's dad accompanied us and drove us to LAX.  But before that, we hit Hollywood Boulevard for some photo ops and souvenirs.  A photo by Michael Jackson's star is a can't-be-missed, non-negotiable item on my trip!  And was I glad that I had a chance to sit by it! Then off we went to the airport.  It was bittersweet.  :) :(


  1. Gosh, what an exciting trip, Mai!!! I'm soooo green with envy! Love the pictures and you look so, so happy! haha I know I would be! :) Nice string of posts..

  2. Hi, Rochelle! Yes, that was a trip of a lifetime, possibly the happiest moments of my life...! Wish I could do it again. Long shot!