Saturday, November 10, 2012

Handmade Postcard Swap

I am so addicted to crafting right now.  And yes, I want to quit my day job just to make stuff from papers!

Yesterday was so productive, crafting-wise.  I was able to finish my handmade postcard hosted by April.  I'm so prompt!  Haha! To think that I was even hesitant to sign up at first because I'm afraid I wouldn't have time.  Crafting has definitely changed my priorities, haha!

So, here's mine:

 My theme was flowers and pink, mainly because I'm a lover of both!  And all my supplies cater to that theme, hehe.

I used a white cardstock for the base, adhered a pink patterned paper (I like that the colors aren't solid - what's the term for that?!), embossed a white cardstock, inked the embossed part, added baker's twine, then stamped!  Oh, I also inked the edges of the papers.  And chomped the corners - my favorite thing to do.  Hehe!

And here's how the back looks like!
I love how I was able to use my seldom-almost-never used stamps for this.  Luckily, I have this "air mail" stamp, so appropriate!  Not to forget, I used my new (and only) wood-mounted rubber stamp that says "hand stamped by:"  I love it!

Hope the recipient will love this as I had a wonderful time making it.  And looking at it!  Haha, parang anak lang!

Oh, just a sentiment, I wish I could take pictures better!  That's the next on my to-do list.  I swear, my postcard looks so much better in person!!  Haha!

I also made another card - this will be my sample card for the make and take portion of the crafting fair we'll be at on Saturday.
The theme is Christmas! :) This is an easel card (it stands up!) and I used abaca twine and kraft paper (to coordinate with the abaca) for the sentiments. :) Very easy to make, hope the audience will like this card as well. :)

I love weekends!  I wanna craft I wanna craft I wanna craft!!

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