Thursday, April 21, 2011

Top 5 NY Moments :D

I can't say that I sincerely heart New York (I even refused to buy the I-heart-NY shirt, but decided to buy one on my last day, hehe).  But still, it's New York!!!  We went to a lot of places, did a lot of walking, and saw lots of sights.  Well, I can't recount everything so I just chose my top five Big Apple moments. :)

5.  Serendipity 3.  I love the movie and I love John Cusack to death so this one can't be missed.  It was a rather long walk to this place, and we constantly had to ask people for directions, but it was sooo worth it.  We had banana split and chocolate cake (which we finished a day after, I think).  They were really good, so I think waiting for John Cusack to appear right there was just too much to ask.  Hehe.  We had to watch the movie that night, of course. ;)  

4.  Central Park.  When we went here, the weather was just perfect for strolling and chilling, thank God (to think it rained and was really cold the day before).  The park was just like how I've seen it in the movies, and it was really lovely!  It was just too big, though, that even if your eyes wanted to see more, your feet couldn't afford to do any more walking!

3.  Friends' apartment.  This is the first site we visited and it's the cheapest thrill ever!  Oh wow, it was such a kilig moment when we finally saw this.  It was really the building straight from the TV show.  I miss Friends!  I kind of wished Monica and the rest of the gang really lived there. :)

2.  Statue of Liberty.  It really IS some statue. We had fun looking at her, jumping in front of her, and everything else you could do on a statue ground, hehe.  We weren't able to go up the crown because it was expensive, and no ticket is available (good thing!).  The only problem here was it was a crazy cold and windy day, I almost reached the point of learned helplessness.  Like no matter how I cover myself from the cold, it was still cold, so why bother?!  Hey, we bumped into a Xavier boy!  What a small world, right?

1.  Memphis.  It wasn't hard for me to decide on this one.  THIS is the number one New York moment!  Well, it has to be said that the search for a Broadway ticket won't be that easy.  We checked online and apparently, tickets, for whatever play, sell like pancakes.  We were left with the premium tickets which would cost me a month's salary!  So, we went to Broadway and scouted around, first wanting to watch Wicked but no cheap ticket was available.  Memphis was our second choice and boy, were we glad this was the one we saw.  I loved every minute of the musical.  And it must really be our lucky day 'cause it was the understudy who played the lead guy, and he was so much more handsome than the real lead.  Hehe!  I don't love New York, but I definitely love Memphis!!

Sunday, April 03, 2011

Laser Tag, Baby!

- $5 for 5 minutes... grabe, 43 pesos per minute!
- It's brighter inside compared to Lazer Maxx
- Gun is smaller and lighter. :) (at hindi kailangang hawakan ng dalawang kamay!)
- May smoke effect sa loob, so yun ang nagpapahirap sa vision
- Pare-pareho kami ng color, ayun pala we were all against each other, walang team team
- I'm number 13!! Mataas ang score ko! Hehehe!
- Yung bottom right picture yung view nung buong arena. Sabi 3,000+ square feet yung laki pero hindi ko naman naramdaman. At multi-level din daw, pero hindi ako napunta sa ibang level, hehe. Kasi naman 5mins lang e! Dito rin sa monitor na to pwedeng mapanood yung naglalaro sa loob (so parang Barney Stinson na talaga, haha)
- Hindi kahoy yung mga dividers at taguan, friends!
- Just the same, SUPER FUN!!

Saturday, April 02, 2011

Reaching the US in One Piece

Pacific Drive, Monterey Bay, CA

Blogging from the other side of the Pacific Ocean!  And loving every single bit of it!  Oh, gosh, I looooove it here!