Wednesday, January 11, 2012

A New Nightmare

I had the weirdest and scariest dream last night.  I dreamt that I was getting married.  Now, on a regular day, that dream would have been awesome!  BUT in my dream, I got married because I got pregnant (my gosh)!  And that's not the worst part - I'm marrying an immature person who works as a dancer with an unstable income!!!  My heart wanted to jump out of my body, I tell you!

The dream was very vivid, and can actually be close to reality as I see the same circumstance happened to some people.  This is why it got me really scared for the life of me.

The gown I was wearing was really nice, and so was the bouquet (pink tulips, baby)!  The wedding was simple given that it was not well-prepared for (hello, nabuntis nga e!).  Here's the thing, as a practical person, I've never wished for a grand wedding.  But after seeing myself in a gown, with only about 10 people around me, sitting down on a restaurant for a wedding reception (ordering a la carte, mind you), I guess I should start wishing for more fabulous stuff from now on!  Haha!  In the dream, while eating, I was even thinking that this guy (my groom, ahem) better pay for this dinner!  Hahaha!

It's funny how now that I'm older, nightmares have taken on a whole different meaning.  When before it was ghosts I was scared about, now it's instability, enduring commitments, and finding the right man which take on my subconsciousness.  I wonder what this dream means...Could it be that I am to marry someone sloppy and immature?  Or the opposite of that??  OR!  Could it be that I am not to marry at all given that this wedding scenario scared me??  Ayayay...  I couldn't tell for sure, all I know is that it brought to the fore my real fears.

Boy, I may just be the happiest person to wake up at 3:30 in the morning.  Phew!

PS.  In fairness to me and my groom (LOL!), we looked a lot better that those people in the cartoon!  I was so slim in the gown (yessss!), and the guy, albeit his financial instability (but who came from a well-to-do family, as stated in my dream, haha!), was sort of good looking. ;)  But, Lord, I'll take on the not-so-good looking guy who can give me security, over a hot guy who can't, any time of the day.  I promise!


  1. soo funny mai! omg id rather be single than marry ur groom hahaha

  2. Nightmare kung nightmare, di ba????