Thursday, January 19, 2012

Midweek Challenge

I felt rather low yesterday and I'm not exactly sure why.  I know, though, that while some of my friends are planning their future, enjoying their hard-earned money, and having a breezy time (it seems, at least), here I am sitting in my small nook in the universe, thinking about my professor's feedback on my paper, waiting for answers to flood my brain, wanting stuff that I don't have, and suddenly, just feeling generally unsure about what lies ahead. 

To make things worse, all these I do while time passes so quickly before and behind me.

I guess I need days like this - days to remind me that there's only so much one person can do at a given time.  And that you can't have everything your way, even if it appears like your way is the only way.  

You see, I can't even touch my new stamp sets until later. :p

Be with me, God.  Please?


  1. That's ok, Mai. We all have days like that. Pray for discernment.. It will come to you. Hope your gorgeous stamp sets will get you back into inspired mode! And they are gorgeous indeed! :)

  2. I know... And now, I'm okay again! Haha, it comes and goes. :)

    I know, right?? Check out her website, her stamps are really nice! Go buy a set. Hehe!