Monday, August 29, 2011

Stamping Itch

For the long weekend, I scratched my stamping itch by making gifts for our teacher friends for the upcoming Appreciation Day in school (not 'til mid of September, but I just wanna get it over with).

Here's a lot of twenty one memo blocks.  Since we have a tight budget, we just bought some rather ordinary memo blocks, and to make them a bit special, I just decided to personalize them.

What poverty can do - it brings out one's resourcefulness!

I first thought of using different fonts and colors, but I got lazy last night and sincerely thought that it already works as it is.  Pwede na, di ba? :D

 If you can see the round thing stamped at the back of the one on the bottom right, it's how the back of the memo blocks look - it says "created with love" (much, much love, to replace less, less money value!):

Blame the lame (but trusty!) camera phone

I guess I'll just tie a paper twine or a ribbon around it to make it look more like an "effortful" and thoughtful present. ;)

And for Appreciation Day aka Teachers' Day, here's what I will give myself (that's right, appreciate thyself!  haha!)...


This expensive piece of plastic started ruining my life last night, when I was online supposedly to look for lit for my thesis, when I stumbled on this.  It's so awesome it hurts.  I would kill to get one NOW, as in really!  THIS is really a wannabe-crafter's dream!  Why don't we have such stuff here in the Philippines?  The shipping price and the waiting time pain me, and they pain me hard... :(


Friday, August 12, 2011

Thesis Mode: ON!

The past few weeks had been light and easy for me.  There's not much to do, or the things to do are not that hard, I can go home early, I can afford to watch movies before sleeping, and I can actually lie in bed on a weekend wondering what I can do for the day. 

I realized that I've never been this free since 2008, and so it felt sort of wrong to be relaxing and feeling all free!  And to think that I'm supposed to be doing my thesis this semester, something's telling me this isn't really right.

Well, I'm glad to tell you that after meeting up with my thesis adviser last Wednesday, my old, busy routine is back again.  Wait, scratch that!  I'm not glad, I'm nervous.  Hmm, well, I'm nervous but at least it feels right.  Haha! 

Anyway, to help me with my anticipated tough days, here's the "motivational poster" I printed. 

From where I sit, I just need to look up and be reminded that everything would just be a breeze.  :)

Monday, August 01, 2011

Alarm Clock

Every Season (by Nichole Nordeman) is my official feel-good song.  Yes, I've decided on it!  And in my desire to be grateful every day, and to be reminded of it, I'm going to use this song as my wake-up alarm.  

But, know that I'm taking a big risk here, people.  You see, whatever song I use to wake myself up, I'd eventually hate (Who wouldn't?!).  But this song has so much promise that I'm certain it will never reach its maximum threshold.  Here's to not hating this song ever!  
Watch, listen, and find some comfort. :)

Isn't music amazing? :)