Saturday, December 31, 2011

How's your 2011?

Post analyzing 2011, I can't put a solid verdict on how it was.  So, let me just piece apart the highlights of the year.  Naturally, there are also frustrations.  I'm typing those down in the hope that putting it out online means putting it out of my body system.  Hehe!  Anyway, here goes:

January -  My January was spent studying for my MA comprehensive exam.  I remember being so hermit-ish at work, just so I could concentrate on reviewing.  This was such a big deal for me, 'cause it's been so long since I've had such a big pressure on my shoulders (even my job hasn't pressured me that much).  When I think of this exam, I remember studying in Katipunan with my two other classmates, looking for places to eat with a good wi-fi service.  I remember sneaking and taking a break to watch American Idol and listening to The Man Who Can't be Moved (The Script) over and over during reviews.  I remember the smell of that semi-cold January air, and the feel of my fingers on my then kinda-new laptop.  :)

February - I took my exam on the first two weeks of this month.  I remember not bringing a car on that early Saturday morning because I felt too tensed to drive.  I took a cab, looking outside while praying, and trying to be nice and polite to the cab driver while he talked to me (when I didn't want to talk).  Alam niyo na, for good karma.  Hehe!  When I reached the room, I was feeling all sorts of physiological bad signs - I was nauseous, I wanted to pee, to poop, to throw up.  My tummy's turning, and everything!  Ibang klase!  I only calmed down when the examinees started coming in and my phone started beeping with good luck messages from friends.  Phew!

You see, for January and February, I don't even remember anything about work!  Haha!  That's how much MA consumed me.

March - I always remember March as being a light month in terms of work.  Well, and in MA, too.  This was mostly spent on cleaning up my stuff and preparing for my summer vacation.  This was also the time when I discovered the website of a a great UP professor, the late FG David.  I've read the entries on his site from cover to cover, and my teacher friends were surprised that I've traded playing Taboo and Cranium with reading.   Hehe!

April - April... Oh, April... I wish April 2011 didn't have to end (or my money didn't have to run out).  My trip sealed 2011's guaranteed awesomeness early on.  It was an unbelievable experience I couldn't even start to recount or end.  I saw so many places and experienced lots of things I wouldn't have experienced if I didn't leave.  Until now, I feel touched by God's and my friends' blessings for letting me and helping me see that other side of the world.  For a regular person like me- who earns a teacher salary, drives her dad's car, and whose major purchase in life is a netbook- a month-long trip sounds almost impossible.  But God has his ways of showing me that rewards come after hard work and persistence.  Kung gusto pala talaga, kaya. :)  Also because of this trip, I got to know my family and friends there more.  And like what I've always believed- and this much holds true 'til today - people just become nicer and nicer as you get to know them better.  What a blessing, that trip. :)

May - May started out with a celebration of my best friend's wedding.  Seeing my friend and his bride, and my HS friends all dressed up has reminded me how much we've grown through the years. Chronologically and maturity-wise. ;)  And I'm glad that we're still together.  :)  Work was pretty much ok.  And when I say ok, that includes me toppling in questions and complaints here and there.  Ooh, lots and lots of them!  Sometimes, I complain to the right people.  But more often than not, I complain to my poor friend who had to endure all my issues.  Haha!  May has also rejuvenated the idealistic in me when it comes to our country.  Fresh from experiencing a fraction of the life in the States, I found myself comparing and thinking that if they can do it there (clean streets, no traffic, fast service, etc.), maybe we can also do it here, too.  Can't we?

June - For the past years, I've always anticipated June.  I like being with the kids (even if that means work) so much more than preparing to teach them.  But for 2011, June to me was something else.  It meant start of a serious thesis work.  You could tell that this whole MA thing really eats me up.  Especially now that I have less enthusiasm for my work, my world actually just revolves around my studies.

July - July added fuel to the fire of my love for paper crafting.  If only I have half the energy of what I put into crafting in my studies, I may just well be the best student in Ateneo.  Hahaha!  I started buying more crafting stuff and less clothes and food.  That's proper allocation, people.  Hehe!

August - I got on with my thesis business  - it was a roller coaster ride.  Many times I felt energized, then discouraged, then hopeful, then losing, then smart, then dumb.  Haha!

September - Worked on thesis.  Surprise!

October - Worked yet again on thesis.  Surprised?

November - November kept me busy with the wedding invitations I blogged about earlier.  I'm thinking, if ever I jump into making that a business, I'm sure I won't earn a lot because I like pretty and expensive materials!  I don't wanna settle with an 'almost similar' product, hehe.  Blame it to my non-creativity - I need beautiful materials to make beautiful projects.  I also got more crafting supplies this month, and so I felt like a more legitimate crafter.  Hehe!  Hey, I turned 27 this year.  Bummer.  Haha!  I'm not one who's afraid of age and of getting old in general, but man, it still gets into you, you know?

December - The thesis is becoming clearer, and I'm scheduled for a proposal defense in January (wish me all the luck!).  I'm also loving this Christmas break!  This must be my most productive break yet - I can't imagine working on the thesis without this time-out from work.  I also had a couple of get-together's, and those always keep me happy and recharged. :)

My 2011 in a nutshell.  Save for my April trip, 2011 sounded like a very nerdy year.  Hahaha!  I won't disagree with that, hehe.  I love being a studious and academic person from time to time, but that's not really who I am  (who I really am is a junk food-eating, sitcom-watching, board game-playing person who just wants to be rich without moving my butt).  I hope 2012 will have more adventures and surprises.  :)

2012, I dare you to break the monotony! :)

Happy New Year, everybody!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Christmas Break 2011

Despite the holiday rush and the traffic madness
Despite the money spent over money earned
Despite the anticipated additional pounds
Despite the thesis that is begging for attention
Despite the work that is waiting
Despite the bonus that is na-dah (Huhuhu!)
Despite the very subtle Christmas spirit

It's still with joy, and a hopeful heart, that I greet and wish you a very merry Christmas!  

Happy holidays, everybody! :) 

Friday, December 09, 2011

Christmas Gift Tags

This year, with my "crafting hobby" at its height, I decided to make gift tags for some dear parents I've had the chance to work with in the previous years.  I know this could come out a little weird, because some of these parents I haven't talked to or seen in three years!  But, I took particular note of those parents who were extremely nice and cooperative, those who made an impact on me, and those who continue to inspire me until today. :)

I have some leftover red papers, ran it through my bigshot with the tag die cut.  I glued some stickles and tied a short ribbon.  I used chalk ink over the letters for them to be more visible.
I made about 150+ of this, 10 for each parent   

I also handmade small cards. I stamped a Christmas tree and a star in front, and adhered a "designer" ribbon (the packaging says so, hehe!).

This may be the best thought out card I've ever made.  Haha!  Lame me!
I initially thought of just printing a letter, and just changing it a little bit for each parent.  I basically wanted to say the same things, and given that I don't have much time nor the diligence to write nicely, printing is actually the better way to go.  But I decided against it later on - handwritten letters still send out the nicest and most genuine of thoughts, I feel.

I then put the tags inside.  Turned out my card was a bit small for 10 tags to fit.  Hihi!  But I managed to put them all in just the same. :)

I already got a couple of thank you's for this and that made me sooooo happy!  :) 

Merry Christmas, everyone! :)

Thursday, December 08, 2011

How to Make Wedding Invites in ___ Days (Day 9, Day 10, and Day 11)

Day 9 - December 4, 2011

Like what I said, I've printed the remaining pages of the invitations.  Thank God I found the papers I need in another National Bookstore (Quezon Ave. branch).  I just gotta say this - Don't you love telephones?!?  Haha!  I called up several branches which are on my home, and only Q. Ave has the brand of the papers.  Imagine if there were no phones and I had to personally go to each branch only to find out they don't carry what I need!  Thank you, Mr. Bell.  :)  Hehe!

My cousin also finished putting the red stickers, thank you very much! :D

Day 10 - December 5, 2011

After office hours, I've started cutting the pages.  This time it's easier because I know the technique already. ;)  Plus, this time, I've printed in such a way that one side doesn't have a border anymore. That's minus one times seventy, baby!

However, I didn't get to finish or even manage to take a photo 'cause my sister texted me and we're gonna have dinner.  It's my mom's birthday, and I there was no initial plan that we'll eat out.  Anyway...

I finished cutting the remaining part at home.  Good thing the paper is already small so it fit my mini cutter.

After that, there's the exciting part of putting the three papers in the pocket fold!

You see here, only one invitation on the left is done.
I should have taken a photo when that corner was all piled up with 70 invites!! 
 Almost done!  Almost done!  Almost done!

Day 11 - December 6, 2011

This is monogram day.  I have the monograms ready, but I have yet to cut small yellowish papers for the borders.  This was kinda hard to do, 'cause everything really has to be totally straight.  And I am no straight cutter, I tell  you.  So this required triple effort.  Hehe!

I cut the yellow papers
Then paste the red one on it, using my good old glue stick
Afterwards, we started adhering the monogram on the invitation card.  The FINAL step!

Almost there!!
Extra: Do you notice that I change my sheets?!  Haha!

My cousin immediately tucks what I finish inside the envelope.  And after several days of brainstorming, trials, scouting for materials, trying out different techniques and finally deciding on what to do, and after 11 days of mechanical labor, look at all these babies sleeping soundly:

I wanna cry!!!!!!
I can't believe I was trusted to do something as big as this!  When I offered help to my friend, I was expecting to do some souvenir tags.  You know, those almost inconspicuous small papers attached to wedding souvenirs.  I didn't know I'd be given such a major role.  Hello, the invitation is only like the star of all the papers in a wedding!  Hahaha!

About DIY wedding invites, I could tell you that it's so much cheaper.  I could also attest for its bonding prowess.  My cousin and I bonded like whoa.  Haha!  This could be a good bonding experience for the groom and the bride, I meant. ;)  I hope they'll like the finished product! :)  The bride will get the invites by December 15, when she comes to Manila.  Until then, I might get a semi-pro photographer to take a picture of the invitation.  And by semi-pro photographer, I mean my cousin with a DSLR.  Hehe!  You know, everything looks lovelier when it's taken by a good camera.  And everything is played down with a camera phone.  Hehe!

There!  I had fun doing it (and blogging about it)!  I was challenged, excited, pressured, satisfied at different times - many times, simultaneously.

I'll never forget this time - when I made wedding invitations for my friend's sister, to escape writing my thesis... Hahaha!

PS.  When I apply for a new job, can I add "Did wedding invitations for 11 days" in my special skills?  I wonder if that will make or break my resume... Haha!

Sunday, December 04, 2011

How to Make Wedding Invites in ___ Days (Day 7 and Day 8)

Day 7

Last Thursday, my meeting with my thesis adviser did not push through, and that meant I can stay in school late.  I took advantage again and went ahead with cutting the first pages I have printed.

I cut and I cut and I cut like I've never cut before!  Hahaha!  I thought it was just gonna be easy (just like when I cut the red papers), but it really wasn't.  I had to cut each page five times (four times to remove border), so that's 70 x 5 for you!  Plus, this one really has to be straight and perfect and everything.  Many points during pushing down the guillotine cutter that I've thought of alternative ways to cut - scissors or a simple cutter and a healing mat.  But a guillotine cutter would give the best results.  And with the help of some teacher friends working beside me and chatting me up, I managed to finish it!!!!  After two hours!  That's victory right there, people.

After that, look what happened again:
I didn't really mind the glittery gold stain on my fingers,
I was worried about the papers losing all the shimmery effect!

That night, while I still had the energy to, I chomped the corners. This I did while sitting down and watching TV, so this wasn't really a task at all.

Day 8 (12/2/2011)

My cousin has finally gotten the extra lace we needed and the red stickers for the front.  She did the sticking, thank God!  I don't really know if I have the persistence to do that!  She (I mean, we!) didn't finish it yet - but she has to come over to our house today to get it done.  Hahaha, bossy me.

She has finished a pack of red stickers.  Each pack has more than 500 beads!
And it didn't help that the stickers didn't stick so much.
We had to put on glue first, then stick it.
So I guess I  owe her some "hands spa" after this.  Hehe!
After and before, hehe!
Please tell me the red stickers make a nice difference
Or else I'm gonna start punching random people on the streets.

EDIT:  I forgot to add that this was also the day when I glued the primary page on the card, just like so:

There!  Can I make the invites in 10 days??  I think so!  Haha, that's the challenge!  Here's the plan:

Day 9 (today): printing the remaining pages (done!), finish adhering the red thingy
Day 10: cut the pages in the office

Oh wait, there's still the matter of the monogram, and I don't think that can fit on Day 10... Oh, no... Simula palang ng challenge, talo na!  Haha!  

Oh well, let this therefore be How to Make Wedding Invites in 11 days!!  :D  'til later!

Thursday, December 01, 2011

How to Make Wedding Invites in ___ Days (Day 6)

Said I won't work on the invites on my midweek break, but I couldn't help it.  Hehe!  And working with my laptop placed on my crafting table didn't really give me a chance to concentrate on thesis!

Anyway, I worked on the monograms this time.  I used my mini trimmer I got from SM Department Store.  At 300 pesos, I was so hesitant to buy it at first.  Little did I know that this would be the cheapest thing I'll buy for this hobby. ;)

Cut 70 small rectangles

Stamped BS (the couple's initials) with black ink

Then over it, I stamped again, with gold ink this time
I'd have to paste these red rectangles over a bigger yellowish paper soon. :)

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

How to Make Wedding Invites in ___ Days (Day 5 and a half ;))

Last night was supposed to be Day 5, but I spent the whole time getting frustrated about my heat embossing tool and powder, that I wasn't able to do anything.  I've spent a considerable amount of money on that technique thingy, and I have yet to get my satisfaction from it.  So now, I say goodbye to an embossed monogram for the invites. Anyway...

Tonight, I did the printing.  The bride gave me the go signal to print.  I was only able to print the main and first pages, though, because National Bookstore ran out of the paper I need!  Ayayay... Sino'ng sumasabay sa 'kin gumawa ng wedding invitations??  Hehe...

Another cause of delay is that I don't have a decent trimmer here at home, and so I'd have to wait until Thursday and steal some more office hours (shhh...) to cut.  My trimmer from the States will arrive after Dec 6, by the way. I'm so excited!

This stack only has 70 pages, but incidentally looked as thick as the yellow pages 'cause each sheet is really thick

I thank God for the holiday tomorrow!  Wish there's always a midweek rest.  Unfortunately for me, though, it's not gonna be a real rest.  I will take a break from the invites tomorrow and resume work on my thesis (after about 10 days of retreat!).  I hope to get a clearer picture of what's ahead, especially since I'll be talking to my adviser on Thursday.  Wish me luck!

Saturday, November 26, 2011

How to Make Wedding Invites in ___ Days (Day 4)

Day 4, Saturday (11/26/11)

Today, I spent time editing the details for the inside of the card.  And I loved doing it!  You know, whenever I get invitations for any occasion, I almost always spot a typo or a grammatical error.  And I hate it (please, double check!!).  This hatred in me better push me to make this wedding invite perfect, or else I'm gonna shoot myself down!

I have downloaded a lot of wedding-y fonts for this, but I ended up still using my favorite font.  I sent the draft and some pictures to the bride, and she'd have to approve first before I go buy the papers and print.  After that, it's all gonna be easy-breezy! :p

I have a love-hate relationship with our printer.  Good thing it cooperated tonight!  That's love!

Now it looks wedding-y!

Please ignore my ugly cutting - amateur crafter and 4-year teacher can't even cut straight along a guide line!

It's amazing how a paper can make or break a project.  And this time, I'd like to believe that the paper made it!  I didn't expect the printed output to look so formal and polished.  I hope you can see it in actuality, 'cause my camera phone practically ruins how it looks! Yikes!

I still have more time to work tonight, but I don't want to work on the monograms yet.  I don't know, I'm quite nervous about it so I don't wanna start working on it.  Haha!  It has to be perfect and beautiful 'cause it'd be in front.  I'm requesting all the powers to be with me as I do those soon. ;)

Thursday, November 24, 2011

How to Make Wedding Invites in ___ Days (Day 2 and Day 3)

The other day and yesterday, I continued making the invitations.  And I was surprised that I accomplish a lot in a matter of, say, two hours.  Now, the only problem is I still need the lace, and we couldn't go to Divisoria just anytime we want. Also, I realized, delay happens when I run out of materials - my gluey tape, the envelopes, etc.  Anyway, here goes: :)

Day 2

I finished tucking the laces inside

And here's sticking the pocket fold inside the card

There's the red lace I was talking about
Day 3

I finished all the materials that I have, so now I'm just waiting for the lace and for the details for the inside - the most important part!

Here's what I did last night:

I initially planned to make the envelopes on my own - I thought it would be cheaper and more beautiful that way.  But after practicing, it didn't appear like that.  Haha!  Envelopes are so hard to make -and a big paper is also hard to find.  Good thing I found some envelopes with the right size.  I just bought those and embossed a little something in front just so it would look more unique and "classy", or so the video tutorial says. ;)

I used my Ultimate Crafter's Companion Tool!! :D

Does it make a lot of difference??  Haha!  In case it doesn't, it's fine.  It was easy to make, anyway.

Envelopes?  Done!
 By the way, here's my latest toy!!  It embosses and cuts, with the templates and die cuts you purchase, of course.  I hate that I like this expensive stuff!

I used this to emboss the LOVE thingy. :)
There!  I'm almost done!  When I finish this, I'm gonna proceed to doing my Christmas gifts (sorry, people, all you're gonna get from poor teacher me is handmade stuff.  haha!).  Also, this year, I plan to give some parents I've worked with a little something - maybe gift tags in case they want to embellish their presents this year. ;)

Until Day 4!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

How to Make Wedding Invites in ___ Days

My friend's sister has asked me to help make her wedding invitations!  I am so psyched to do this thing, and it's a good "activity" to do during my thesis breaks (like today, and yesterday, and the other day, and the...).  Anyway, after a couple of weeks of planning, searching for materials, and deciding on the final layout, I've officially started working on it yesterday - my birthday!  (Segue:  Nothing really significant happened on my birthday, except that I got a beautiful, small box cabinet as a gift from my teacher friend, and that I lost 500 pesos!!!  Yesterday, I didn't really feel like the birthday girl--  I felt like the girl who lost her money!  Oh well, I guess there's no point crying over that anymore.)

Going back to the invites, I have planned to really document everything that I do for this, as in step-by-step, 'cause this is my first major "project".  But turns out, it's not that easy - I don't want to stop in the middle of cutting and pasting to get my camera and take pictures.  Nevertheless, I took a couple of shots using my phone.

I stole some office hours and used the office guillotine cutter to cut all the needed papers (but I still need to get 10 more sheets - blame it on my wrong math).

Do you see red??

I cut each sheet crosswise and lengthwise to get to the right size.  I also cut smaller sheets for the inside pocket.  I was taking my time cutting each piece that I didn't realize the time it took and what it did to my hands:

After cutting about 90 sheets of paper, my fingertips turned red!!

I went home early yesterday for my simple birthday dinner, and to work on the invites.  So, that night, I asked my cousin to come over and help out.  We managed to do a lot of stuff, I could say.  It's really a good thing to have a helper.  She's also my runner, by the way ;).

I used my corner chomper 'cause I don't want to have that plain, straight corner.

 (And just so I can use my chomper. Haha!)

Then, we were also able to put the lace- the bride's peg- on about 40 invites.  Poor thing the lace we got wasn't enough (go ahead, blame my math again), we could have finished everything that night.

We were also able to put a red lace over the middle part of this lace, but I failed to take a picture 'cause it was my cousin who was working on it.  Hehe!

Oh, I was also able to score, fold, and emboss the inside pocket.  It looks like this:
This will be pasted inside

 Here's a closer shot:

For additional mush... Hehe!

 So, that's Day 1, folks!  I've accomplished quite a lot, don't you think?  Haha!  Tonight, if I still don't have the energy to face my thesis again (and all its insignificant results!!), I'll work on the invites. I'll probably paste the pocket flap in the inside, and tuck the laces on the side. Yeah, that I'll do.  My cousin might go back to Divisoria within the week to get the extra lace we'll need, plus some more materials.

There's still much to do - the monogram, the adding of the beads, and most importantly, the inside details.  But that can wait, I guess.  As long as I finish before the second week of December.  I think I can. ;)

Until Day 2! :)

Saturday, November 12, 2011

An Attempt to Postpone Working on the Thesis

I love blog-hopping and reading about the lives of regular folks I don't even know.  Now, I read one that was very touching and true, I would say.  And the thing is, she was not talking about any drama, she was just simply narrating.  I was wondering why that blog had that impact on me - I felt like I knew her, I suddenly felt the urge to email her and just let her know how wonderfully she writes, and I found myself genuinely praying for her growing family and baby delivery (stalker mode: on).

Then, I realized I never write like that anymore.  

All I write about are things going on in my life, and not even the major ones at that.  I talk about the things I like, sure.  But I have stopped myself from talking about my dreams and innermost feelings.  I used to say that my blog was not meant for daily chronicles, but it has become such.

I've always been a reflective person, a very introspective one.  Friends know that I'm fond of talking about love, life, God, and stuff along that line.  That's true.  But now, to be honest, I guess there's a part of me that wants to push that "drama queen" away.  I don't know - maybe it's my form of defense, or my desperate try to not add any more seriousness in this world.  Or, maybe I'm just scared to go all out and put my vulnerability out there.  Yeah, it's the third...

But in truth, I really am a serious person.  And as I read a couple of my entries, I think I'm not sending that image at all.  I miss that image.

Going back to that blog I've read, I am inspired now to immortalize the rather regular days, by being honest and bold with my emotions.  I won't be scared to be judged, or to be branded as a "drama queen".  Hey, I'm used to that term anyway.

Well, it's just a shame that now that I'm about ready to pour out whatever it is in me and open the gates, I have to put a period on this little episode and start working again on my paper (which has no tiny space for any emotion).  How ironic!

Friday, November 04, 2011

Where art thou, my crafting space?

Now, more than ever, I find the need for my parents to get a new house.

You see, lately, I've been so hooked with paper crafting.  And please don't laugh when I say that by paper crafting I mean not literal paper projects, but browsing the internet day after day, checking for cheap crafting tools to buy and looking at crafting spaces to drool over.

I want one!  I want one!  I don't even ask for a crafting room, just a little conducive space.  And at the risk of sounding like a spoiled brat, I really feel that a crafting room is not just a luxury, but a necessity.  Because the thing is, when I need to do something, say, just one card, I'll have to bring out everything from my cabinet, work on my paper stuff, then, when done, put everything back in!  The cleaning time takes a longer time than doing the actual project itself, so often, I feel lazy to work.  See, it's really important to have a space dedicated solely for crafting.  Not that I'm saying that the world will be a better place when I get a space of my own, but it will definitely make a happier me!

I tried checking out the third floor of our house.  It could make a good space, if I throw my sister's stationary bike and buy a table with lots (and lots!) of drawers.  There's also a wooden bar counter on one corner.  I could also make do of that, especially since it has many shelves and layers where you're supposed to place wine bottles (we have empty wine bottles, thank you).  I could do that but I just have to be okay with my dad scolding me whenever he sees me doing stuff he doesn't get!  But the main thing is, it can get really hot up there, especially when summer comes.  So... I don't want that.  I want a space that will entice me to craft.

Then there's my tiny bedroom.  In my room, I have a foam bed, a study table, a big cabinet (for clothes, books, and my crafting stuff), and a TV stand (with cabinet as well).  Now, I've tried all the possible way in my head to turn these pieces of furniture around, but a crafting space is still not possible.  I could remove the study table, since I don't really study there anymore (patungan lang siya!) and get a new table.  But, the area is too small.  Think one meter.  Fail.

Then, my cousin who's a former interior design-major suggested that I get rid of the big cabinet and get a smaller one or a hanging one.  That's a nice idea, but it could get pricey.  Another idea would be to get a double-bunk bed.  Upper bunk will be my bed, and the lower part will house a table.  I like this idea the most, but I have low ceiling!

I have tossed and turned around the idea of "improvising" a crafting room, but to no avail.  That's why, the best solution is- you're right- get a new house!  Haha!  When will that be?  I wanna know!

Take a look at some of these photos which give me sleepless nights (and by sleepless I mean about five to six hours):

How can you not love this??

I love L-shaped tables!

Simple and neat, and a space that you can hide when it gets dirty :)

A closet that they transformed into a crafting space...LOVE!

You'll be surprised at how many results you'll get when you Google pictures of crafting spaces.  Here I just included the results for "small and cheap crafting spaces", I did not even try to save in my hard drive the crafting ROOMS and a crafting COTTAGE (you should see Martha Stewart's!)!  You gotta hate those lucky people.  Haha, kidding!

Anyway, before I leave and make another futile search online, let me post this other picture.  I've wanted this thing before I even got to the phase of constantly thinking about crafting.  Look and weep for cuteness!

This looks like a bed for a teenager, but I still want one!
(I have this saved in my laptop for so long that I lost the link.  Got it from Tumblr. Apologies.)

I tell you, never did I have this strong desire to win the lottery.  I guess I should start betting...

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Teacher's Day 2011

Got a couple of little "something's" from the boys last September for the Appreciation Day celebration.  That made me happy, of course!  But more than that, the gift itself, it's really the thought that touches the heart.  Imagine, the boy thought of me while he's in the house?  The mom managed to spare a few minutes of her shopping time to buy me a present and bake some cookies?  Sweet.

I'd like to share with you a gift card that came along with home-made cookies and instant coffee from Starbucks.

Thanks a latte for all you do I am one smart cookie because of you!

Aww... Nag-abala?  This may be a template, but it's edited and personalized.  I was teary-eyed when I got to read it.  Card pa lang, solved na. :)

Thank you, dear parents.  And thank you, my dear boys. :)

Sunday, October 02, 2011

Something for a Bridal Shower

A co-teacher and a good friend of mine is getting married on Saturday.  And I'm a bridesmaid!  Last Friday, we had a little bridal shower for her.  It was very simple and we actually didn't have a lot of time to make it more special.  It could have used a little more preparation and budget allocation (harhar!), but somehow the circumstances didn't permit those.

Anyway, just to add a little something, I made some "souvenir" boxes for the shower.  I used the leftover papers from my cousin's invitation, stamped here and there, adhered a ribbon color-coordinated to the wedding theme, and put inside some chocolates I secretly purchased while shopping with the bride-to-be.

The gold balls on the left are the chocolates I put inside
And since I used only the leftover papers, there were only like 13 of the triangular boxes.  Guess who wasn't able to take home one.  Me!  But that's okay, I'm more than glad that the teachers liked them.  And the bride-to-be, too!  That's enough for me.  It's just unfortunate that my scoring tool didn't come earlier. I would have gladly made the souvenir boxes for the wedding itself, as per the bride's request.  That's how you level it up, people.  Haha!

Looks cute when assembled like this, huh?
This served as the "cake" for the shower.  Cheap us!

My favorite thing to do - stamping the back part!
I deliberately did not put my name anymore coz I got shy.  Haha!

Hope there'll always be occasions, which will incidentally fall on my light days, where I can put my crafting stuff to good use. :)

In other news, it's October already?!  Where has September gone?  I want September!  Bring back September! :p

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

A Birthday Party and a Birthday Boy like No Other

High School friends meet at least three times a year – there’s our annual Christmas party, Valentine’s Day dinner, and, not to be overlooked or undermined for its significance,  the class clown’s birthday – Jessen’s.

J and J strike again!
Man, believe me when I say how this is one of the occasions we look forward to.  You could say that this is one of those well-attended affairs – even if it falls smack in the middle of a rainy season.  It’s already a given that whenever high school friends get together, fun is sealed and guaranteed.  But in this “annual” party, what we love all the more is that here, the food is divine!  It’s almost like an eat-all-you-can kind of a thing, if only one is not too lazy to get off one’s butt, step away from the chit-chat’s, and get some food.  That’s how it is for me, at least.   And then there is, of course, the abounding hospitality from the birthday boy’s family – really like no other. J  Plus, you’re never really obliged to bring gifts! :p  For this year, I guess it was a present enough that the birthday boy was able to shoot Mike Defensor several times.  Too bad it was just in a laser tag match. :P

After a tiring game at Lazer Maxx, Centris

After eating dinner at the birthday boy's beautiful casa :)

This year’s birthday is extra special since this is his last as a single person!  As a gift to him, his fiancĂ©e, our friend, hired a mobile bar where everyone can hide their apprehensions and unleash their “drinking self”.   This, undoubtedly, was the star of the night. 

Pretty and Sexy Divineee as the bartender (who owns all the pics in this blog post, hehe!)
Oh, wait!  Not to be overshadowed is the new game they bought.  It’s called Guesstures.  It’s pretty much like charades – only more organized and more fun because of the time pressure involved.  You know, normally, when we would play, it’s boys versus girls.  But, I would like to propose that this has to end – teams should be mixed in the future.  The way boys trick and cheat themselves to a championship is something I can no longer tolerate. :p

The girls won the first round!  And since you weren't there,
I'm gonna say we won the second round, too! :p

I hate that I had to go home before anyone.  I have an early appointment the next day, and though I was extremely having fun, I was already sleepy (sign of aging #1).  I was jealous that they had another round of Guesstures, lasing edition this time!  Nevertheless, I drove home that night smiling as I recall the happenings, thankful for the gift of the birthday boy's person.  After all, he is, possibly, the funniest, pinaka-kaladkarin and pinaka-game person and most reliable friend alive.  I pity anyone else's barkada which doesn't have a Jessen like we do.  And I believe I speak for everyone who was there when I say that we slept a good sleep that Saturday night as the inner child was recharged.  That night truly was, borrowing from a children’s book whose title escapes me now, “What fun, what fun!” :D

Goofing around by the bar and improvised photobooth ;)

To you who were born in the stormy month of September, walang sinabi sa ‘yo si Ondoy o Pedring.  You bring rains.  Rains of laughter and friendship which keep the heart healthy and the memory young, that’s what.  Let this be my written gift to you.  Happy birthday, Tsong!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Handmade and Homemade Invites :)

Since the paper crafting thingy that I wanted to purchase last August gave me sleepless nights (spell "overacting"), I just decided to buy it!  And boy, was I glad to know that there's a scrapbooking store right here in San Juan!  My gosh, to think that I was so ready to buy the one from eBay and wait for it 'til a friend from the States come home by November, thank God I was able to hold out a little bit longer.  Anyway, in between my busy days working on the thesis, I tried it out and made some couple of scratch, sample projects - like boxes, envelopes, etc. (making them was a breeze!)

Well, the best thing about my paper crafting thingy is -wait, fine, I'll call it by its actual name: scoring board - the best thing about my scoring board is I was already able to use it to make some "real" paper products.  You see, my cousin is turning 18 this October, and she was still in the gray area of whether to have a party or not.  Initially, I was against the whole party thing as it would cost a lot.  But as you may have guessed by now, after I've gotten my scoring board, I'm of course all for the party, provided that I'll be the one to make the invitations.  Hahaha!  That will serve as my gift, too, syempre.

After about a week, of looking for materials, figuring out the design, etc., here's what we (I hired some help) came up with:

Look, Ma, it's a purse invite!

I got the idea from the video tutorials with the scoring board I got.  Then, we tweaked a bit to adjust to the black-pink-gold theme (don't ask me, teenagers are weird), using materials both local and imported.  Since the base paper is black, I had to get me some opaque ink pads (thank you, San Juan scrapbooking store!) for the embellishments.  It was also a good thing that I was able to use the flower border stamp I just bought - at least nasusulit!  The middle picture shows how the inside looks like.  When you open the "purse", the inside paper will spread out instantly.  :)

For the materials, not counting the money I used to buy the stamps, I spent about a thousand.  If I were to divide it by 70, the number of cards we made which, apparently, is still not enough, then I think it was worth it.  Even if I include the blow-to-my-pocket price of the scoring board, it would still appear that we spent less compared to when we order the invites from someone.  Not bad, eh?  Now, if there's one more set of invites that I'd have to make in the future, then that would truly seal my money's worth. ;)

And so if I already got my money's worth here, the that gives me permission to get a new paper crafting tool!  I already know what to buy next!  Yey!

I wanna think I did a good job here.  My mommy said so, anyway! :p