Wednesday, July 30, 2014

It's Been a Year!

How serendipitous it is that I decided to look at this blog of mine today - after not doing so in a long time - and see that my last post was last year!  I take that as a sign that now is the perfect time to resurrect this blog!  I've missed it so much!

It's been a while... In that year of absence, I finished doing a research project, applied for my PhD studies, got engaged, got accepted in a school (and also got rejected in some), quit teaching in Ateneo, and got married (and moved out of our house for the very first time)!  That was a very eventful year, to say the least.  And now, I'm about to finish teaching in DLSU.  I'm also preparing for my relocation to the US.  This last part has gotten me both nervous and excited.  God be with me!

From now on, I guess I'll be talking more about grad school (again!  haha!), married life, LDR's, and most probably missing Pinoy foods!

Talk soon!