Sunday, September 09, 2012

Goodbye, Sweet Thing :(

I have to say goodbye to my everyday wrist watch.  Well, to its strap, at least.  But it's not as easy as one would think!  I love watches and I loved this watch.  It was one souvenir, even if I was on a tight budget at that time, I told myself not to forget to buy.  It has a pink strap (yey) and it was on sale, too (double yey).  Maybe that's the reason why it retired too soon.  :(

Now I'm using my mom's watch.  And because I was the one who bought it for her, I like it, too.

But this watch...

Even if this is no longer pretty, this will always be that watch I got from New York.


  1. Just get a new strap for it. They have it at watch stores

  2. Yeah, I know... But still, it'll never be the same again.. :(

    Maarte lang, haha!