Monday, March 12, 2012

Updates, Bullet-style

The school year ended last Friday, and so the past couple of days have been light.  But, I'm quite emotionally loaded right now, both positively and negatively, so I can't say that I'm actually as free as a bird.  Anyway, in my life, here are the latest happenings:

- This school year is my last school year in Xavier.  It is certainly so very sad to say goodbye to this familiar place, especially to the kids, but resigning is something that's just been waiting to happen.  With the completion of my MA in sight, I guess this is the best time to go.  Needless to say, I cried buckets while saying goodbye and giving out chocolates to my previous and current students.  It was very hard, especially since there's a part of me which feels that it's unfair for the students not to have their teacher to visit next year. Egocentric?

- With this resignation comes the uncertainty about the future.  There's already a part-time work waiting for me (official announcement soon!  lol!), thank God.  But I don't think that'll be financially enough, given my obligations and needs.  Anyway, I'm still job-hunting, so that's one thing that's keeping me occupied as well.  Mentally, at least.  'cause I just go around and around thinking about it, without actually doing anything.  (But I'm sure you'll understand, as I have  a lot of stuff in my hands. :p )

- I started cleaning up my work station today.  I tried to not get too sentimental while packing my stuff.  I just really wanted to start cleaning and not delay the inevitable.  Tomorrow, I'll remove all my classroom decors.  I'm sure it's not gonna be easy... :(


- Still regarding resignation, I still have to work on my clearance, my bank account, and other requirements.  You know, I don't really have the energy to attend to my resignation, or saying goodbye, for that matter.  When people ask me about it, I just nod in affirmation then shrug it off, giving the same excuse I'm giving you now: "I don't have the energy to deal with it yet, that's why I didn't tell you."  Is that some kind of a bad sign or something?

- Thesis-wise, I'm currently waiting.  But it's the waiting that kills me.  My oral defense is not until March 21, so that means I only have a week to revise and submit everything so that I can graduate this semester.  I'm hoping against hope that my panelists won't make me do lots of rework anymore, especially since I heeded their advice during my proposal defense.  What I'm procrastinating to do, though, is my defense presentation. I turned on my laptop with that to-do in mind, but, oh well!  I'll finish it tomorrow, I promise!

- Hey!!  I won in the card-making contest I joined in last month!  If that doesn't make me a legitimate crafter, I don't know what will!  Hahaha!  (Check out the button on the side bar. That's right, it's for real, baby!)  I'd be honest, though - I'm still SO NOT confident with my "artistic" side.  I'll work on that this April!

My winning card!!  Walang kokontra, there's a rationale why it won!  Haha!

- Crafting dues:  I'm currently working on some baptismal invites for my friend's baby.  I could have finished it yesterday but I couldn't find the perfect buttons to embellish the invites.  Argh.  I better hit the market soon.  Also, as a simple goodbye gifts to my teacher friends, I initially planned on making monogram cards for them. The thing is, aside from the fact that I don't have much time, the alphabet stamps I purchased from eBay are still in the box en route to Manila.  My aunt said it'll probably arrive by end of March.  Too late, too late, too late. :(  So, I guess what I can do is just give them thank-you cards.  I made some during the Christmas break, but I need about 15 cards (or more?).  Time to work! :s

- The problem with me is, as it has always been, the more time I have, the less things I accomplish.  I like free time to be free time, and work time to be all about work, work, work!  I don't know why I'm such a masochist!  Haha!  But that's the sad thing about me.  I can't even get myself to make a card.  Or go to the gym!  (When before I'd work out in the middle of a thesis-work chaos!)

- No progress regarding my car repair.  Crazy insurance said since the car is more than three years, they don't cover casa repair.  The hell!  They should've informed us about that earlier so we could just file a claim from our insurance but NO.  They told us to file a certificate of no claim from our insurance.  Again, the hell.

- I have a short trip with my two friends after the Holy Week, and we haven't booked a a place to stay yet.  Though I'm really looking forward to that vacation and escaping Manila heat, I can't get myself to be excited about that yet since there's the matter of the thesis and the job-hunting.  Actually, we don't know squat about what we're gonna do there.  Haha!  I'm so irresponsible, what is up?  I guess I'm under a lot of stress right now- I juggle one thought and another without accomplishing anything.  And that's just sad.

HAAAAAYYYYYYY.  Typing all these down makes me feel like a huge rock on my shoulders has been lifted up.  Thanks, catharsis.  For now, I'm counting on you! I hope my next entry won't be as blah as this.

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