Sunday, April 22, 2012

Family Time at Bakersfield

After the overstimulating NY trip, the relaxing and chilling time I had with my cousin and her family in Bakersfield was so much appreciated!

My cousin, along with her super nice husband and kids, picked me up at LAX.  Then, we headed straight to a Filipino town in LA (I think) and ate some Filipino food!  It was so good to be here, seeing that many Filipinos again in one place!  Haha!  And if I remember correctly, Wowowee was on!  Haha!

Afterwards, we dropped by the Universal Studios City Walk.  My eyes were fed again!  We also ate some crepe for snacks.  Oooh, crepe...  And hey, they were playing Charice's song, Pyramid, in the park!  Sosyal!

Day 2 was just spent in the house.  My cousin had visitors, and we all spent the afternoon playing cards and board games, which I love to death!

Day 3 was spent going around town.  The best part was my cousin let me drive their van!!   Hahaha!  Yey!  I was so cautious 'cause I had four kids, all under five, on board!  We also went to Michael's, that craft store any crafter would like to live in!  I could have died in that place!  I just got myself a set of stamps and some notepads for pasalubong.  We also went to the outlet stores, an hour away, and that's when I shopped 'til my dollars were no more!  Hehe!  I loved shopping there, it's so, so much cheaper!!!

The real best part of this trip is spending time with my cousin.  She's been in the US for more than five years now.  Before, when she was still here, we'd often go out and watch a movie, along with our other cousins.  Now, times have changed.  She and most of my older cousins now have families, so there's less bonding time for us.  We're not the emotional, touchy-feely type of family, so I never knew how much I've missed her.

Now, the second real best part (haha, ang daming best part!) was spending time with and taking care of my nieces and nephews!  Kids are so much fun to be around with!!  I LOVED THEM.  I'd give anything so I could spend another day with them.  I hope they won't forget the time when Tita Maimai (said in a very cute, slang way) visited.

Thing 3 missing!

This is happiness. :)

I miss you, guys... *sniff*
It was perfect that I spent my days here because my energy for my whole trip was finally recharged.  Oh, I needed the whole recharging alright.  'cause Vegas was next!!  That's right!  Vegas, baby!!

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