Thursday, August 09, 2012

I Blame the Rain

I am one with all the Filipinos who are praying fervently for the rain to stop. Who knew the clouds have THIS much water?

We don't live in a village or a subdivision. Actually, where we live has a notorious status. Let's just say I am not proud and happy that we live here.  But, it's times like this, just like when we had Ondoy, that I feel so blessed that our place doesn't get flooded (when I see exclusive subdivisions turn into rivers). Maybe it's not so bad to be here, after all. :)

Just like any other person working in the academe (falses consensus?!), I was one of those who wishes that school will be suspended (especially if there's no need to catch up on a lesson).  BUT! I am always careful with what I wish for -- class suspension with NO rain. And that happens quite often - as soon as they announce classes are suspended, rain stops.  Uncanny timing, I tell you. 

Still, I feel guilty :(. While my family and I are enjoying the comfort and safety of our own homes, a lot of people are wet, cold, hungry, and uncertain.  Wish I could go out today and help out  but my dad said I should wait a while, 'cause what if I were the one who gets stranded? He has a point. 

So, I am here, surfing the internet all day.  I can do some of my work in advance, but  the mood is just so wrong.  So I think of the thing that I like to think about the most - crafting. :)

I know it's unfair that I wallow in some sort of self-pity, more especially at this time of calamity, just because I can't afford to buy all those crafting tools that I want (yes, it took great courage on my part to admit that it's not a need!).  But this feeling has been lingering in me for a while now.  I just can't help but blame this relentless and inconsiderate rain for stirring up the lonely mood, for giving me extra time (to check eBay every so often and to drool over some crafting stuff!), and for inducing guilt in me.  For all the damages and casualties you are causing, I just gotta hate you.  

Yes, I know.  I've got to stop.  I'll be back another day to rant some more.  I hope the skies will be clearer tomorrow so I could finally go out and help. For now, I hope my prayers will do.  

Be safe, everyone. 

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