Tuesday, November 29, 2011

How to Make Wedding Invites in ___ Days (Day 5 and a half ;))

Last night was supposed to be Day 5, but I spent the whole time getting frustrated about my heat embossing tool and powder, that I wasn't able to do anything.  I've spent a considerable amount of money on that technique thingy, and I have yet to get my satisfaction from it.  So now, I say goodbye to an embossed monogram for the invites. Anyway...

Tonight, I did the printing.  The bride gave me the go signal to print.  I was only able to print the main and first pages, though, because National Bookstore ran out of the paper I need!  Ayayay... Sino'ng sumasabay sa 'kin gumawa ng wedding invitations??  Hehe...

Another cause of delay is that I don't have a decent trimmer here at home, and so I'd have to wait until Thursday and steal some more office hours (shhh...) to cut.  My trimmer from the States will arrive after Dec 6, by the way. I'm so excited!

This stack only has 70 pages, but incidentally looked as thick as the yellow pages 'cause each sheet is really thick

I thank God for the holiday tomorrow!  Wish there's always a midweek rest.  Unfortunately for me, though, it's not gonna be a real rest.  I will take a break from the invites tomorrow and resume work on my thesis (after about 10 days of retreat!).  I hope to get a clearer picture of what's ahead, especially since I'll be talking to my adviser on Thursday.  Wish me luck!

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