Thursday, December 08, 2011

How to Make Wedding Invites in ___ Days (Day 9, Day 10, and Day 11)

Day 9 - December 4, 2011

Like what I said, I've printed the remaining pages of the invitations.  Thank God I found the papers I need in another National Bookstore (Quezon Ave. branch).  I just gotta say this - Don't you love telephones?!?  Haha!  I called up several branches which are on my home, and only Q. Ave has the brand of the papers.  Imagine if there were no phones and I had to personally go to each branch only to find out they don't carry what I need!  Thank you, Mr. Bell.  :)  Hehe!

My cousin also finished putting the red stickers, thank you very much! :D

Day 10 - December 5, 2011

After office hours, I've started cutting the pages.  This time it's easier because I know the technique already. ;)  Plus, this time, I've printed in such a way that one side doesn't have a border anymore. That's minus one times seventy, baby!

However, I didn't get to finish or even manage to take a photo 'cause my sister texted me and we're gonna have dinner.  It's my mom's birthday, and I there was no initial plan that we'll eat out.  Anyway...

I finished cutting the remaining part at home.  Good thing the paper is already small so it fit my mini cutter.

After that, there's the exciting part of putting the three papers in the pocket fold!

You see here, only one invitation on the left is done.
I should have taken a photo when that corner was all piled up with 70 invites!! 
 Almost done!  Almost done!  Almost done!

Day 11 - December 6, 2011

This is monogram day.  I have the monograms ready, but I have yet to cut small yellowish papers for the borders.  This was kinda hard to do, 'cause everything really has to be totally straight.  And I am no straight cutter, I tell  you.  So this required triple effort.  Hehe!

I cut the yellow papers
Then paste the red one on it, using my good old glue stick
Afterwards, we started adhering the monogram on the invitation card.  The FINAL step!

Almost there!!
Extra: Do you notice that I change my sheets?!  Haha!

My cousin immediately tucks what I finish inside the envelope.  And after several days of brainstorming, trials, scouting for materials, trying out different techniques and finally deciding on what to do, and after 11 days of mechanical labor, look at all these babies sleeping soundly:

I wanna cry!!!!!!
I can't believe I was trusted to do something as big as this!  When I offered help to my friend, I was expecting to do some souvenir tags.  You know, those almost inconspicuous small papers attached to wedding souvenirs.  I didn't know I'd be given such a major role.  Hello, the invitation is only like the star of all the papers in a wedding!  Hahaha!

About DIY wedding invites, I could tell you that it's so much cheaper.  I could also attest for its bonding prowess.  My cousin and I bonded like whoa.  Haha!  This could be a good bonding experience for the groom and the bride, I meant. ;)  I hope they'll like the finished product! :)  The bride will get the invites by December 15, when she comes to Manila.  Until then, I might get a semi-pro photographer to take a picture of the invitation.  And by semi-pro photographer, I mean my cousin with a DSLR.  Hehe!  You know, everything looks lovelier when it's taken by a good camera.  And everything is played down with a camera phone.  Hehe!

There!  I had fun doing it (and blogging about it)!  I was challenged, excited, pressured, satisfied at different times - many times, simultaneously.

I'll never forget this time - when I made wedding invitations for my friend's sister, to escape writing my thesis... Hahaha!

PS.  When I apply for a new job, can I add "Did wedding invitations for 11 days" in my special skills?  I wonder if that will make or break my resume... Haha!

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