Tuesday, September 27, 2011

A Birthday Party and a Birthday Boy like No Other

High School friends meet at least three times a year – there’s our annual Christmas party, Valentine’s Day dinner, and, not to be overlooked or undermined for its significance,  the class clown’s birthday – Jessen’s.

J and J strike again!
Man, believe me when I say how this is one of the occasions we look forward to.  You could say that this is one of those well-attended affairs – even if it falls smack in the middle of a rainy season.  It’s already a given that whenever high school friends get together, fun is sealed and guaranteed.  But in this “annual” party, what we love all the more is that here, the food is divine!  It’s almost like an eat-all-you-can kind of a thing, if only one is not too lazy to get off one’s butt, step away from the chit-chat’s, and get some food.  That’s how it is for me, at least.   And then there is, of course, the abounding hospitality from the birthday boy’s family – really like no other. J  Plus, you’re never really obliged to bring gifts! :p  For this year, I guess it was a present enough that the birthday boy was able to shoot Mike Defensor several times.  Too bad it was just in a laser tag match. :P

After a tiring game at Lazer Maxx, Centris

After eating dinner at the birthday boy's beautiful casa :)

This year’s birthday is extra special since this is his last as a single person!  As a gift to him, his fiancée, our friend, hired a mobile bar where everyone can hide their apprehensions and unleash their “drinking self”.   This, undoubtedly, was the star of the night. 

Pretty and Sexy Divineee as the bartender (who owns all the pics in this blog post, hehe!)
Oh, wait!  Not to be overshadowed is the new game they bought.  It’s called Guesstures.  It’s pretty much like charades – only more organized and more fun because of the time pressure involved.  You know, normally, when we would play, it’s boys versus girls.  But, I would like to propose that this has to end – teams should be mixed in the future.  The way boys trick and cheat themselves to a championship is something I can no longer tolerate. :p

The girls won the first round!  And since you weren't there,
I'm gonna say we won the second round, too! :p

I hate that I had to go home before anyone.  I have an early appointment the next day, and though I was extremely having fun, I was already sleepy (sign of aging #1).  I was jealous that they had another round of Guesstures, lasing edition this time!  Nevertheless, I drove home that night smiling as I recall the happenings, thankful for the gift of the birthday boy's person.  After all, he is, possibly, the funniest, pinaka-kaladkarin and pinaka-game person and most reliable friend alive.  I pity anyone else's barkada which doesn't have a Jessen like we do.  And I believe I speak for everyone who was there when I say that we slept a good sleep that Saturday night as the inner child was recharged.  That night truly was, borrowing from a children’s book whose title escapes me now, “What fun, what fun!” :D

Goofing around by the bar and improvised photobooth ;)

To you who were born in the stormy month of September, walang sinabi sa ‘yo si Ondoy o Pedring.  You bring rains.  Rains of laughter and friendship which keep the heart healthy and the memory young, that’s what.  Let this be my written gift to you.  Happy birthday, Tsong!

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