Tuesday, November 22, 2011

How to Make Wedding Invites in ___ Days

My friend's sister has asked me to help make her wedding invitations!  I am so psyched to do this thing, and it's a good "activity" to do during my thesis breaks (like today, and yesterday, and the other day, and the...).  Anyway, after a couple of weeks of planning, searching for materials, and deciding on the final layout, I've officially started working on it yesterday - my birthday!  (Segue:  Nothing really significant happened on my birthday, except that I got a beautiful, small box cabinet as a gift from my teacher friend, and that I lost 500 pesos!!!  Yesterday, I didn't really feel like the birthday girl--  I felt like the girl who lost her money!  Oh well, I guess there's no point crying over that anymore.)

Going back to the invites, I have planned to really document everything that I do for this, as in step-by-step, 'cause this is my first major "project".  But turns out, it's not that easy - I don't want to stop in the middle of cutting and pasting to get my camera and take pictures.  Nevertheless, I took a couple of shots using my phone.

I stole some office hours and used the office guillotine cutter to cut all the needed papers (but I still need to get 10 more sheets - blame it on my wrong math).

Do you see red??

I cut each sheet crosswise and lengthwise to get to the right size.  I also cut smaller sheets for the inside pocket.  I was taking my time cutting each piece that I didn't realize the time it took and what it did to my hands:

After cutting about 90 sheets of paper, my fingertips turned red!!

I went home early yesterday for my simple birthday dinner, and to work on the invites.  So, that night, I asked my cousin to come over and help out.  We managed to do a lot of stuff, I could say.  It's really a good thing to have a helper.  She's also my runner, by the way ;).

I used my corner chomper 'cause I don't want to have that plain, straight corner.

 (And just so I can use my chomper. Haha!)

Then, we were also able to put the lace- the bride's peg- on about 40 invites.  Poor thing the lace we got wasn't enough (go ahead, blame my math again), we could have finished everything that night.

We were also able to put a red lace over the middle part of this lace, but I failed to take a picture 'cause it was my cousin who was working on it.  Hehe!

Oh, I was also able to score, fold, and emboss the inside pocket.  It looks like this:
This will be pasted inside

 Here's a closer shot:

For additional mush... Hehe!

 So, that's Day 1, folks!  I've accomplished quite a lot, don't you think?  Haha!  Tonight, if I still don't have the energy to face my thesis again (and all its insignificant results!!), I'll work on the invites. I'll probably paste the pocket flap in the inside, and tuck the laces on the side. Yeah, that I'll do.  My cousin might go back to Divisoria within the week to get the extra lace we'll need, plus some more materials.

There's still much to do - the monogram, the adding of the beads, and most importantly, the inside details.  But that can wait, I guess.  As long as I finish before the second week of December.  I think I can. ;)

Until Day 2! :)

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