Sunday, December 04, 2011

How to Make Wedding Invites in ___ Days (Day 7 and Day 8)

Day 7

Last Thursday, my meeting with my thesis adviser did not push through, and that meant I can stay in school late.  I took advantage again and went ahead with cutting the first pages I have printed.

I cut and I cut and I cut like I've never cut before!  Hahaha!  I thought it was just gonna be easy (just like when I cut the red papers), but it really wasn't.  I had to cut each page five times (four times to remove border), so that's 70 x 5 for you!  Plus, this one really has to be straight and perfect and everything.  Many points during pushing down the guillotine cutter that I've thought of alternative ways to cut - scissors or a simple cutter and a healing mat.  But a guillotine cutter would give the best results.  And with the help of some teacher friends working beside me and chatting me up, I managed to finish it!!!!  After two hours!  That's victory right there, people.

After that, look what happened again:
I didn't really mind the glittery gold stain on my fingers,
I was worried about the papers losing all the shimmery effect!

That night, while I still had the energy to, I chomped the corners. This I did while sitting down and watching TV, so this wasn't really a task at all.

Day 8 (12/2/2011)

My cousin has finally gotten the extra lace we needed and the red stickers for the front.  She did the sticking, thank God!  I don't really know if I have the persistence to do that!  She (I mean, we!) didn't finish it yet - but she has to come over to our house today to get it done.  Hahaha, bossy me.

She has finished a pack of red stickers.  Each pack has more than 500 beads!
And it didn't help that the stickers didn't stick so much.
We had to put on glue first, then stick it.
So I guess I  owe her some "hands spa" after this.  Hehe!
After and before, hehe!
Please tell me the red stickers make a nice difference
Or else I'm gonna start punching random people on the streets.

EDIT:  I forgot to add that this was also the day when I glued the primary page on the card, just like so:

There!  Can I make the invites in 10 days??  I think so!  Haha, that's the challenge!  Here's the plan:

Day 9 (today): printing the remaining pages (done!), finish adhering the red thingy
Day 10: cut the pages in the office

Oh wait, there's still the matter of the monogram, and I don't think that can fit on Day 10... Oh, no... Simula palang ng challenge, talo na!  Haha!  

Oh well, let this therefore be How to Make Wedding Invites in 11 days!!  :D  'til later!

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