Monday, September 19, 2011

Handmade and Homemade Invites :)

Since the paper crafting thingy that I wanted to purchase last August gave me sleepless nights (spell "overacting"), I just decided to buy it!  And boy, was I glad to know that there's a scrapbooking store right here in San Juan!  My gosh, to think that I was so ready to buy the one from eBay and wait for it 'til a friend from the States come home by November, thank God I was able to hold out a little bit longer.  Anyway, in between my busy days working on the thesis, I tried it out and made some couple of scratch, sample projects - like boxes, envelopes, etc. (making them was a breeze!)

Well, the best thing about my paper crafting thingy is -wait, fine, I'll call it by its actual name: scoring board - the best thing about my scoring board is I was already able to use it to make some "real" paper products.  You see, my cousin is turning 18 this October, and she was still in the gray area of whether to have a party or not.  Initially, I was against the whole party thing as it would cost a lot.  But as you may have guessed by now, after I've gotten my scoring board, I'm of course all for the party, provided that I'll be the one to make the invitations.  Hahaha!  That will serve as my gift, too, syempre.

After about a week, of looking for materials, figuring out the design, etc., here's what we (I hired some help) came up with:

Look, Ma, it's a purse invite!

I got the idea from the video tutorials with the scoring board I got.  Then, we tweaked a bit to adjust to the black-pink-gold theme (don't ask me, teenagers are weird), using materials both local and imported.  Since the base paper is black, I had to get me some opaque ink pads (thank you, San Juan scrapbooking store!) for the embellishments.  It was also a good thing that I was able to use the flower border stamp I just bought - at least nasusulit!  The middle picture shows how the inside looks like.  When you open the "purse", the inside paper will spread out instantly.  :)

For the materials, not counting the money I used to buy the stamps, I spent about a thousand.  If I were to divide it by 70, the number of cards we made which, apparently, is still not enough, then I think it was worth it.  Even if I include the blow-to-my-pocket price of the scoring board, it would still appear that we spent less compared to when we order the invites from someone.  Not bad, eh?  Now, if there's one more set of invites that I'd have to make in the future, then that would truly seal my money's worth. ;)

And so if I already got my money's worth here, the that gives me permission to get a new paper crafting tool!  I already know what to buy next!  Yey!

I wanna think I did a good job here.  My mommy said so, anyway! :p

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