Friday, December 09, 2011

Christmas Gift Tags

This year, with my "crafting hobby" at its height, I decided to make gift tags for some dear parents I've had the chance to work with in the previous years.  I know this could come out a little weird, because some of these parents I haven't talked to or seen in three years!  But, I took particular note of those parents who were extremely nice and cooperative, those who made an impact on me, and those who continue to inspire me until today. :)

I have some leftover red papers, ran it through my bigshot with the tag die cut.  I glued some stickles and tied a short ribbon.  I used chalk ink over the letters for them to be more visible.
I made about 150+ of this, 10 for each parent   

I also handmade small cards. I stamped a Christmas tree and a star in front, and adhered a "designer" ribbon (the packaging says so, hehe!).

This may be the best thought out card I've ever made.  Haha!  Lame me!
I initially thought of just printing a letter, and just changing it a little bit for each parent.  I basically wanted to say the same things, and given that I don't have much time nor the diligence to write nicely, printing is actually the better way to go.  But I decided against it later on - handwritten letters still send out the nicest and most genuine of thoughts, I feel.

I then put the tags inside.  Turned out my card was a bit small for 10 tags to fit.  Hihi!  But I managed to put them all in just the same. :)

I already got a couple of thank you's for this and that made me sooooo happy!  :) 

Merry Christmas, everyone! :)

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