Sunday, October 02, 2011

Something for a Bridal Shower

A co-teacher and a good friend of mine is getting married on Saturday.  And I'm a bridesmaid!  Last Friday, we had a little bridal shower for her.  It was very simple and we actually didn't have a lot of time to make it more special.  It could have used a little more preparation and budget allocation (harhar!), but somehow the circumstances didn't permit those.

Anyway, just to add a little something, I made some "souvenir" boxes for the shower.  I used the leftover papers from my cousin's invitation, stamped here and there, adhered a ribbon color-coordinated to the wedding theme, and put inside some chocolates I secretly purchased while shopping with the bride-to-be.

The gold balls on the left are the chocolates I put inside
And since I used only the leftover papers, there were only like 13 of the triangular boxes.  Guess who wasn't able to take home one.  Me!  But that's okay, I'm more than glad that the teachers liked them.  And the bride-to-be, too!  That's enough for me.  It's just unfortunate that my scoring tool didn't come earlier. I would have gladly made the souvenir boxes for the wedding itself, as per the bride's request.  That's how you level it up, people.  Haha!

Looks cute when assembled like this, huh?
This served as the "cake" for the shower.  Cheap us!

My favorite thing to do - stamping the back part!
I deliberately did not put my name anymore coz I got shy.  Haha!

Hope there'll always be occasions, which will incidentally fall on my light days, where I can put my crafting stuff to good use. :)

In other news, it's October already?!  Where has September gone?  I want September!  Bring back September! :p

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