Friday, November 04, 2011

Where art thou, my crafting space?

Now, more than ever, I find the need for my parents to get a new house.

You see, lately, I've been so hooked with paper crafting.  And please don't laugh when I say that by paper crafting I mean not literal paper projects, but browsing the internet day after day, checking for cheap crafting tools to buy and looking at crafting spaces to drool over.

I want one!  I want one!  I don't even ask for a crafting room, just a little conducive space.  And at the risk of sounding like a spoiled brat, I really feel that a crafting room is not just a luxury, but a necessity.  Because the thing is, when I need to do something, say, just one card, I'll have to bring out everything from my cabinet, work on my paper stuff, then, when done, put everything back in!  The cleaning time takes a longer time than doing the actual project itself, so often, I feel lazy to work.  See, it's really important to have a space dedicated solely for crafting.  Not that I'm saying that the world will be a better place when I get a space of my own, but it will definitely make a happier me!

I tried checking out the third floor of our house.  It could make a good space, if I throw my sister's stationary bike and buy a table with lots (and lots!) of drawers.  There's also a wooden bar counter on one corner.  I could also make do of that, especially since it has many shelves and layers where you're supposed to place wine bottles (we have empty wine bottles, thank you).  I could do that but I just have to be okay with my dad scolding me whenever he sees me doing stuff he doesn't get!  But the main thing is, it can get really hot up there, especially when summer comes.  So... I don't want that.  I want a space that will entice me to craft.

Then there's my tiny bedroom.  In my room, I have a foam bed, a study table, a big cabinet (for clothes, books, and my crafting stuff), and a TV stand (with cabinet as well).  Now, I've tried all the possible way in my head to turn these pieces of furniture around, but a crafting space is still not possible.  I could remove the study table, since I don't really study there anymore (patungan lang siya!) and get a new table.  But, the area is too small.  Think one meter.  Fail.

Then, my cousin who's a former interior design-major suggested that I get rid of the big cabinet and get a smaller one or a hanging one.  That's a nice idea, but it could get pricey.  Another idea would be to get a double-bunk bed.  Upper bunk will be my bed, and the lower part will house a table.  I like this idea the most, but I have low ceiling!

I have tossed and turned around the idea of "improvising" a crafting room, but to no avail.  That's why, the best solution is- you're right- get a new house!  Haha!  When will that be?  I wanna know!

Take a look at some of these photos which give me sleepless nights (and by sleepless I mean about five to six hours):

How can you not love this??

I love L-shaped tables!

Simple and neat, and a space that you can hide when it gets dirty :)

A closet that they transformed into a crafting space...LOVE!

You'll be surprised at how many results you'll get when you Google pictures of crafting spaces.  Here I just included the results for "small and cheap crafting spaces", I did not even try to save in my hard drive the crafting ROOMS and a crafting COTTAGE (you should see Martha Stewart's!)!  You gotta hate those lucky people.  Haha, kidding!

Anyway, before I leave and make another futile search online, let me post this other picture.  I've wanted this thing before I even got to the phase of constantly thinking about crafting.  Look and weep for cuteness!

This looks like a bed for a teenager, but I still want one!
(I have this saved in my laptop for so long that I lost the link.  Got it from Tumblr. Apologies.)

I tell you, never did I have this strong desire to win the lottery.  I guess I should start betting...


  1. I smell an arts and crafts junkieee!! Haha

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  4. Kimmy!!! You are one fast reader. Haha! See you in blogosphere! :)

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  6. Oooooh!!! I want that bed!! Yes, I know hubby and I can't fit in it but I want it!! That is SO cute. You're right, you'd have to really high ceiling though. It's so pretty.. *dreamy look*