Thursday, January 24, 2013

All That Craft

How's your 2013, so far?  Mine's very busy. BUT, happy!  I've received several good news, and I'm still waiting for a really BIG news by March.  I don't want to blog about it yet 'cause I might jinx it, hehe.  Just please pray for me, please? :)

Anyway, this post is all about the crafting stuff I did over the Christmas break.  The photos aren't any good, I know, so I ask for your indulgence. :)

We decorated some wooden clothespins (I LOOOOOVE clothespins) with fabric tapes and gifted these to our friends.  And because I love stamping, I couldn't do without it.  Hehe.  Good thing I bought a Christmas-related stamp last November, and it was put to good use.

 Don't ask how many, but we made a lot!!

 Look what I made!  I bought magnetic strips, then I adhered one strip on my table.  Put washi tape over it, then voila!  I have an instant tiny magnetic "board"  Then, I also put magnets on the extra clothespins that I have.  I use them to hold my crafting reminders. ;) (the magnetic bottle cap was a gift from a friend - also handmade!)

Wall decal I made for my cubicle.  :) The hardest part was choosing what quote to use.  I think I chose a pretty good one (self-serving bias aside :) )

 Hahaha!  Please don't laugh at this item.  I've been looking for a three-pronged plug (is that how you even call it?!?) because I saw a project which involved vinyl-ing the plugs.  I tried it on my office plugs, but it didn't look so well 'cause the plugs aren't round in shape!  Supposedly, the plug will look like a shocked face.  Fail?  Nevertheless, I just let them be.  Hahaha!

Looooove this!  This wooden storage actually holds lotion bottles for a foot massage.  But I used it as a storage for my tapes!  I improvised some more and use a straw to hold a second 'level' of tapes.  Now it doesn't make me want to buy new tapes 'cause I don't have any space for new ones!  (really?!)  Aren't they pretty, all-displayed like that?  They add color to my crafting table!

 The first things I cut with my Cameo, hehehe!  They just have to make it to this blog - it was a monumental event!

Not so crafty, this one, but I laminated my two ID's using my Xyron machine!!  I got it for 200 pesos during the craft fair.  If that isn't the best of my luck, I don't know what is!

 My handstamped Christmas gift wrappers!!  Which didn't really see the light of day, 'cause I didn't use them.  Hehe!  My sister did, but she wasn't happy.  Fail number 2?  Haha! :p

This is a car decal I made for a preggy friend!  I don't own the design, I just actually traced from a Google image, then cut and layered the vinyl.  Hope I'll have the chance to give this to her before she pops!

Here's another tumbler design I made for my sister's friend.  It's a fairy!!!  With the little stars on the left side.  It's a nice sight in person, I swear! Hehe!

 Here's a candy dispenser I made over the holidays.  It was a hit!!  ( but only to my 5-year old cousin, hehe).

 I joined the bandwagon in an FB group I belong in.  The Christmas tree is made of vinyl which I adhered on a red paper.  Wish there were nicer and cheaper frames available here.

 I cut out money envelopes for some inaanak's (using the 6x6 papers I don't particularly like, hehe - a nice way to get rid of them!).

 Christmas favor boxes a friend asked me to do for her. :) She loved them!

 Left over fabric tapes I used to decorate the extra gifts.  They don't look good!  Even I didn't like them, haha!  That means kraft paper and I still have some practicing to do.

Can you even see it?  This is my first etching project! :D  There's an "a" on the glass if you can't see it.

 And here's my new crafting 'station' (kunwari).  I rearranged my tools, bought a shelf (the one where my Big Shot rests on).  Ito na yung pinakamalinis na itsura niya, hehe.  This side doesn't show my other cabinet which holds my Cameo and papers.

2013 calendars I handstamped with love!!  Needless to say, my friends loved them!  Why, because if they don't, they knew I'll force them to.  Hehe!

That's a lot of projects, huh.  Some worthwhile, some... hmm... I'll get better, I'm telling you!  Haha!

Happy 2013, everybody!

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