Sunday, May 29, 2011

Sweet Timing

I would like to believe that I have the best luck with timing.  I say so now because my sister has such bad timing. Haha!  It's like this - she just graduated from college and has been working for no more than two months.  She's planning to go to the States by September to catch the US Open and to use her visa as it will expire by November this year.  The thing is, she wouldn't be able to save up enough money for that trip, and my dad doesn't support her plan 'cause it just doesn't seem right.  We're not rich to blow a huge amount of money just to watch a tennis match.  She hasn't even bought her own pair of shoes yet, my dad said.

And with this, I am reminded of how lucky I was that I was able to push through with my April trip (I'm sorry, just when you thought I'm done talking about it, I start telling another story. =))  You see, I had the perfect timing with that trip.  Firstly, I got a whole month of break and so I can afford to travel.  Secondly, my visa is still okay.  And thirdly, my timeline for saving money was just enough (though I could always wish to have more!).  Oh, let me tell you, I was a saving machine before that trip.  Every peso that came out of my pocket pained me!  Haha!  And lastly, it was also good timing that my comprehensive exam is done (and results are out) before my trip.  Swerte lang!

The perfect timing continues during the planning and the actual trip.  My cousin who lives in Reno, when I informed her that I'll be going there, invited me to go with them to Washington DC and New York for their kids' spring break.  She said I just have to spend for my air fare from west to east and that  she'll cover for lodging and food.  Sounds like a very good deal, right?  So, I grabbed it!  Besides, I was really going to New York, so the DC trip was a good bonus (Oh, a delightful bonus indeed!).

I was also very fortunate that the day I got to Reno was the day off of my two cousins and my aunt from work.  How's that, huh?!  If they had work during my three, short days there, I wouldn't have seen Lake Tahoe.  And I'd miss a lot!

It was also good timing that when I got to NY, my teacher friend and her husband just moved in a couple of days before I arrived.  I crashed their hotel apartment before they even found peace in their new place, haha!  And since we're all new to the city, I did not have to be shy about their bringing me to places since they're also touring themselves.

And when I flew back to the west, it was also very timely that my cousin who lives in Bakersfield is also enjoying her spring break.  Hey, now that I'm thinking about it, I love their spring break!!  Haha!  It provided me a hell of a time and saved me a lot of money!  Because of that, she was able to pick me up from LAX, along with her husband and cute kids.  She also afforded to drive me around town, too.

When I got to the last leg of my trip, in South CA, to be with my college friend, it was also good timing as she needed a time to get away and relax, and so she told me that she needed Vegas, the stories we shared, and all the chilling we did.  And I believe her.  Hehe!

Oh, I had the best timing with the weather, too!  There's a cold, but manageable, temperature in the Bay Area when I got there.  A couple of days before I arrived, my friend said the rain was terrible in their place.  Reno was a bit colder, but I regard myself as fortunate as this tropicana finally experienced snow!  Haha!  It was snowing in my second to the last day there, and it was such a freezing, and surprising moment, given that I didn't expect snow in spring time.  D.C. and NY were good, too.  There was one rainy day in the Big Apple, but the rest of my stay was sunny enough for us to go around. Also, before I went back to California, my friend was telling me how hot it is there, but I was lucky that when I got there, the weather was just fine!  Vegas weather was very cooperative, too!  Saya!

See?  That's just a few of the good timings I had before and during that eventful trip.  Hmm... there were bad timings, too, but I guess we worked around it, and so it turned out to be good just the same.  Because of all this luck, I really felt that God was with me the whole time, taking care of every detail of my trip, making sure that I get the best of it.  Besides, only He knows when I can return to that humid-free land. :)

Timing, be with me always!


  1. Great blog Aileen! :) And I'm glad you enjoyed your vacation. See you soon! :D

  2. Susa! Ayan, nag-blogspot na ako, haha. While bored, hehe! Thanks and see you! :)