Sunday, May 08, 2011

My Best Friend's Wedding

For the love of my friends, I rebooked my flight home to an earlier date so I can be at their wedding (I didn't know I'd  be part of the entourage.).  The stressful part was I almost didn't make it to the march, thanks to Manila and Labor Day traffic.  Only a few things can come close to that kind of stress.  Of course, it has to be accompanied with maniac driving, lots of cursing, and lots of prayers, too.  My gosh, the bride and groom could have killed me!  We reached the church a minute before the march, but I still got a booboo. :(  I left the belt for the gown in the car!!  Argh.  But, in the end, what mattered was I made it.  Hahaha, kidding.  What mattered was it was a beautiful wedding!!  Congrats, Don and Jam!

The groom's and bride's friends

Girlfriends :)

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