Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Letting Go (of material stuff!)

The wallet I've been using was a gift to me last Christmas 2009.  I tagged this as my lucky wallet because ever since I used it, it seemed like, I never ran out of money.  External attribution, I know, but just let me hang on to this little superstition.  But like most things in life, letting go has to come.  Mine came when the lock isn't as tight as before anymore, and oftentimes, I would see some of the things inside the wallet scattered in my bag.  And so the search for the new wallet begins.  I actually started scouting for one while I was  in the States, but I didn't find one I really fell in love with.   And so when I got back here in Manila and all's settled, I looked for one.  I went around Trinoma and I almost gave up 'cause the ones I liked are very expensive, or that the affordable ones didn't attract me at all. Until… I found it!  Yey! Wait, let me just say for the record that this wallet will forever remind me how old and mature I've grown after all these years.  I will never, ever, ever have liked this wallet if, say, I were still in high school or even in college.  But now, I love it!!  Ta-dah!

From Esprit

Look how many cards it holds!  And I love how thin it is. :)
I love wallets!!

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