Monday, August 29, 2011

Stamping Itch

For the long weekend, I scratched my stamping itch by making gifts for our teacher friends for the upcoming Appreciation Day in school (not 'til mid of September, but I just wanna get it over with).

Here's a lot of twenty one memo blocks.  Since we have a tight budget, we just bought some rather ordinary memo blocks, and to make them a bit special, I just decided to personalize them.

What poverty can do - it brings out one's resourcefulness!

I first thought of using different fonts and colors, but I got lazy last night and sincerely thought that it already works as it is.  Pwede na, di ba? :D

 If you can see the round thing stamped at the back of the one on the bottom right, it's how the back of the memo blocks look - it says "created with love" (much, much love, to replace less, less money value!):

Blame the lame (but trusty!) camera phone

I guess I'll just tie a paper twine or a ribbon around it to make it look more like an "effortful" and thoughtful present. ;)

And for Appreciation Day aka Teachers' Day, here's what I will give myself (that's right, appreciate thyself!  haha!)...


This expensive piece of plastic started ruining my life last night, when I was online supposedly to look for lit for my thesis, when I stumbled on this.  It's so awesome it hurts.  I would kill to get one NOW, as in really!  THIS is really a wannabe-crafter's dream!  Why don't we have such stuff here in the Philippines?  The shipping price and the waiting time pain me, and they pain me hard... :(


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