Monday, July 11, 2011

These Excite Me!

Guess what came in the mail this week!

The clear stamps I ordered from the States!! 

I was so happy 'cause I didn't expect to receive them this soon.  The customer service of the online store advised me that it may take a week to a month for the package to get here.  And since the shipping was only 3 dollars, meaning it's not a priority mail or sent via expedited shipping, I was really conditioned to get these by the end of July.  So, imagine my disbelief and excitement when I found them in my room!  Gosh, getting mails, or packages, is so exciting!  Whenever I click "buy" online, expect that I won't get a sleep without a thought about what I ordered until THE day arrives.  How I wish snail mails are still as popular as before... They're just the sweetest. :)

Getting my stamps of course sent me to stamping mood.  Since I have some time on my hands, and a couple of friends celebrating their birthdays this July, I decided to make them cards.

   I hope I could make cards as beautiful (and as lavish!) as the ones I see on online galleries.  Hmm... Well, for now I guess this would do.  Besides, the recipients know that I'm not exactly a creative person, hehe. 

Schedule has been tight lately.  And that's even without me working on my thesis.  Anyway, I wish I could always find time to stamp! :)

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