Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Kids Draw (and Write) All Kinds of Stuff!

               My readers said - believe it or not, I have three- that they miss reading my posts about my boys.  I do, too.  I remember, before, whenever there's a funny story about my students, even those which are remotely interesting, it goes straight to my blog (or to people's ears).  But now, most of their stories seem like nothing but reincarnation of old tales.  Not exactly better or worse, but just pretty much the same.  Not much going on around here is new.  And that's kind of sad, don't you think?  

                While I was cleaning up my hard drive last weekend, I came across some pictures I took during my first three years of teaching.  And they still got it - they made me smile!  I'm sharing them with you in the hope they'll also bring a sprinkle of sunshine on your Tuesday. :)

For the following, the boys were supposed to draw, 
and write something about it, after being told that they 
can be authors when they grow up, and that 
they can write about their favorite animals then.

  (Oh, the crap teachers tell kids... =p)

Cutie li'l rabbit!  I'll show this to the boy one day when he's all grown up, and it will remind him of his inner cuteness!

After seeing the next picture, my doubt about birds being related to dinosaurs has totally disappeared.  This has been my cellphone wallpaper for months!  (By the way, the one who drew this dinosaur is now in 4th grade and is a class president!  They make me proud!)
"I like dinosaurs beacause (they) are fierce."

The next ones are from our activity on Demonstrative Pronouns 
(LOL, I can't get any more teacher than this!)
I love the details of the boys' drawings.
And how they know demonstrative pronouns!:)
Captain Arrow ;)

Nice shirt!

I say "cabinets" is a sophisticated word for a Gr. 1 boy.

Scary... The making of...!

See how the stick figure touches the fingertips of the soldier?!  It's because it's "these"!  How's that for accuracy, huh?!

Hehehe... magician lang!  And, "can of soda" is far advanced, too!

You see how the speaker is close to the tables? :)

Macho man and macho pencils :D

Friendly boy in drawings AND in real life :)

Here's a Filipino activity on pangngalan.  
The boys were to give an example for a person, place, animal, or thing.   

Ain't I pretty?!

How's that for a SOONdalo on duty?!

DT (di-tiyak/common noun) - ahas
T (tiyak/proper noun) - Sean
And for the finale, brace yourselves, people!
Don't say that you have not been warned.
Oh, gosh!  I can only pray that this was done out of innocence!

                    Hahaha!  Oh my gosh, this work has provided me with a lot of laugh!  I can't help but love it.  :)   
                    Hmm, in the midst of this happy recollection, I realized, maybe everything that is happening now is not exactly old.  Perhaps, it's all just because I've stopped looking for something new.  Dear life, what routine and familiarity have done to me.  There's what I hate!

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