Thursday, March 17, 2011

Blogging Rights

With the devastating things going around the world- the reckless earthquake and tsunami in Japan, the chaos in the Middle East, the thousands of people who are lost and those who died, and the uncertainties the humanity faces, it's almost wrong to feel bad for one's own little heartaches and doubts.  But then, even with this realization, I still can't help it.  It's guilt-inducing, this wallowing feeling of mine, but still, I let it simmer.  It must be that bad.

It's good then to have this outlet in virtual world.  Nobody or nothing else suffers from your complaints and undue self-pitying, but this little space.  That's one of the blogging rights I claim.

It's kind of cool for March, isn't it?  The wind reminds me of December, but not of Christmas.  No, not at all.

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