Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Updates :)

I am the laziest blogger in the world!  

I miss the times when I'd look forward to blogging, pour my heart out, and write with meaning.  Now, more often than not, I blog to keep up with my self-imposed rule of blogging at least once a month.  I am the worst.

But here are some note-worthy happenings in my life (note-worthy for me, hehe!):

  • I have just finished a year of teaching in college!  And I have survived!  I am falling in love with Psychology more and more as I teach it.

  • I will be attending the SRCD conference this April in Seattle.  My MA thesis was accepted for poster presentation - I feel so legit!  Haha!  
My gosh, I almost don't want to be so emotional about this, but I don't think I can hold it in any longer - Who would've thought I'd be able to do this?  Not I, certainly. Who knew I'd be rubbing elbows with the big names in developmental psychology?  I'll tell you, the nerd and fan girl in me will go on turbo mode come April!

Also, that dream to travel for work is still there, and I guess this is the closest I could get to it (Although, I didn't get travel grants from Ateneo, La Salle, and SRCD! *endless tears*)

Who would've thought I'll be going to the States again within two years time?  Not I, certainly.  I remember feeling so dramatic while I was there, telling everyone I may never be able to come back again in the future - what with my visa expiring, and lack of money.  But God has His ways, of making me believe, of making my dreams come true.  How can I ask for more?

  • Today, March 27, marks the first anniversary of our first date.  Who would've thought I'll be in a romantic relationship after almost 8 months of dating, I who have been perennially single?  Not I, certainly.  I have actually (sort of) prepared myself for a life spent in singlehood, and I actually didn't have a lot of troubles about that thought.  But again, this dear God of mine, swoop in, with just the most perfect timing in the world, and led me to someone who'd care about me like no one ever would.

  • And last March 24, we celebrated our 4th month of being together.  We actually almost didn't, because of a stupid fight.  Haha!  But all's well that ends well.  And all's well that ends with barbecue dinner by the bay.  Haha!

4 hearts for 4 months!
I cut this using my Cameo.  It's made out of paper and vinyl.
Will put our names on the bottom left corner.
Thank you, SM, for this cheap frame! :D

I'm planning to blog more often when I'm in the States- documenting my life in the first world country (but not with a first world lifestyle, hehe!).  Although it's just a 4-day conference, I'll be staying for a month. I'll make the most out of it! :)

In other, more mellow news, for tomorrow (Maundy Thursday), you may want try this convenient online retreat constructed by our dear Jesuit priests:

Pins of Light

See you there!

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